Trying to get good! I need some advice (KoF 2002 UM)

Hello everyone!
I’m new to these forums, but i hope you can help me to get better at playing KoF!.
I’ve played many of the KoF games since childhood in the arcades, but i used to only button mash my way to victory. But only in recent years I’ve been trying to actually understand and get better at KoF.
I’ve watched plenty of videos about fundamental, including “The Beginner’s Incomplete Guide to KOF (by Dandy J)” and i have improved a little but i still have some trouble with stuff like mixups, combos and cancelling moves.
The characters i play the most are: Kyo, K’, Iori and King.
I would be very grateful for any tips or advice you guys gave me.

Dandy J is a part of my local scene and had no idea he had this guide. He’s a beast at all things SNK so this adds up

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