Trying to find this game

Hello, yes, I’m new. Google kept referring me to this forum so I thought it’d be a good idea to ask here.

Just a week ago, I was at Gen-Con in Indianapolis, and I saw this really interesting fighting game being played there. Sadly I was unable to get the name of the game nor the console that it was played on. I was wondering if anyone could help my dilemma? ^^;

As for what I know about it, is only what I saw, but I’ll give as many details as I can.

To me, it looked like a Japanese styled one, with full figures (no chibis). Mainly because of one of the characters was a demon chick with wings, and another was a humanoid robot, but I may be wrong.
Some major things I saw about it was that it was 2.5D (3D with no sidestepping) and it was tag team. As far as the exact type of fighting game it was, I don’t have any good clue, not having much fighter game knowledge myself. If I could give examples, I’d say it was like a cross of Guilty Gears (as far as combos) and style like Battle Fantasia’s.
Last info I have is that I believe it is a 3rd gen game (or just pc) seeing as how amazing the graphics were and how fluent the game play was (no slow down or anything). Again, I could be wrong, but just something else to consider.

Anyways, requesting any and all help! I’d like to play this game if I ever happen to find it lol.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.


Ah, yes!
Not sure why I kept denying this one, but that bat lady proves it.
Thanks a lot =)

You know to come to SRK to ask what the game was, even know what Guilty Gear and Battle Fantasia are, but you didn’t think to say that Ryu and Chun-li were on the character select screen when describing it? The fuck?

There’s a TvC section here where you can find out more about the game (it’s coming to the US this winter with alot of changes).

What does that do? Does that blow your mind?

That. Just. Happened.

Puzzled me for a sec, but I’m not really suprised by anything that happens here anymore.


Shakeunoko vs. Bakecom: Boss Winneration of Heroes

Maybe he was walking by the station and didn’t get to see the char select screen?

Benefit of the doubt, people.

Did it have a blob… oh nvm.

And lmao @ FlyMike’s posts XD