Trying to find the subtle difference(s) between the joystick in the Hori RAP (VX-SA) and TE's

I’ve owned a handful of TE sticks and only own one Hori stick, a Real Arcade Pro VX-SA.

(This model to be exact)

There is something about the Hori stick that I just like more, and I simply cannot figure out what it is. It’s nicer in executions (at least for me).
I scoured the web trying to find if it’s a slight height difference of the joystick through the hole affecting the throw?(my guess)
or maybe the stick/button layout? I simply cannot find out what it is.

So in defeat I must turn to you, the experts on such matters.
What differences do you know of between the two? MadCatz TE sticks vs the Hori RAP VX-SA
I want to throw together a homemade stick, but I want to mimic the niceties of the Hori RAP.

Simple, one is a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stuck in a Hori RAP.V, the other is a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stuck in a MadCatz TE.

In other words.


They’re the exact same stick.

well then I guess you didn’t read my post :-p
I obviously know they’re the same model joystick… hence “subtle” and not “obvious” differences

Any subtle “differences” are just down to manufacturing discrepancies. In other words, to get a lever that feels like the one in your HRAP.VX into the custom, you’ll most likely have to swap that lever into the custom.

Is it just me, or are topics like this becoming more common again…???

Hmmm… What to say, what to say.

The new topics are ever so informing and full of new news that’s not already available in the FAQs and Stickies!

Just choose your poison, Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
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its the exact same argument with Arcade sticks
Just in this case both sticks uses the SAME Sanwa parts.

It boils down to visual ascetics and the taste or sensibilities of the individual.

I choose poison!

What do you like about the hori JLF that you don’t like in the madcatz JLF, from there the experts can point you into mods to ensure that any JLF you get can be modded into one you like.

Could be that the TE has more space to rest your wrist, and the Hori doesn’t. I also have better execution on my Hori Kai model vs to my MvC2 TE.

No disrespect GeorgeC, but complaining about someones post is in no way constructive. Replying to my topic is only bumping it up, which seems quite self-defeating to me. Your post was unneeded, as I am quite aware of the FAQ.

I was merely tapping into the community for something that has long bothered me.

I am assuming the stick might sit slightly lower into the body making it seem like a shorter throw. I also can’t find a definitive answer on the joystick layout(VX-SA). The stick may be positioned slightly closer to the buttons on the Hori. I can’t tell.

I believe that Mad Catz (not sure if it’s just their TEs, or it may be with their Pro, VS and SEs as well) has the JLF mounted a millimeter or two lower than the usual 24mm.
I unfortunately can’t confirm it myself, as I don’t own an HRAP V3/VX, and the only Mad Catz sticks I’ve ever used were SEs casings with bat-tops.

Based on the art templates from Tek-Innovation, it doesn’t seem like the spacing between the stick/buttons differ by much more than a few millimeters, with the TE’s components spaced a little farther apart than the HRAP.

I’d lean towards that it’s more of the JLF height than the spacing that makes you like one over the other.

To me a millimeter or two is not a deal greater, a centimeter is

Over a short span
a millimeter can make
quite a difference.

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Just read the FAQ, darn it… OR, do some research on your own.
Most of the better vendor websites tell you about the differences in product lines and part options… OR you can e-mail them or ask them in THEIR SRK threads instead of creating a new topic about it! is a great place to go learn about these things –
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That’s why the complaint!

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They both use the Vewlix layout and the same Sanwa parts. The only true difference is the case they’re housed in, I don’t like the Rap-VX-SA since it doesn’t have much palm room; but that’s just a personal preference.

Any differences you feel in the parts (stick or buttons) are probably just due to wear-and-tear of the parts over time. Your micro-switches in the JLF may become slightly stretched and require a further throw distance (which happened to mine) or the JLF spring may become looser. Every time I use a brand new JLF, it feels… amazing. I would just replace the micro-switches on my JLF (since it’s hella cheap to do that), but I don’t want to solder anything haha.

There isn’t any real difference, hardware wise, between the two sticks. Differences will come from typical use as the parts wear down over time. I hope I was able to answer and elaborate on your question!

Thank you all for your input! I’ll continue to disregard GeorgeC’s disrespectful rant