Trying to find a good alt

I main Vega and second Makoto, both characters have problems with wake up so i was thinking about someone with a good reversal. any ideas?

Anybody with a DP

Any characteer who has a dragon punch with invincible frames fits the bill. Off the top of my head that includes Adon, Akuma, Cammy, Dan, Fei Long, Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, and Seth. I know there are other characters with DP’s like Dudley, Rose, and T.Hawk but I don’t know if those have invincible frames.
Gief also has options with lariat and SPD (though EX green hand may also be an option).
Just with DP characters you have a good variety of play styles and options.

hmm yea but i want to avoid shoto chars tho like ryu i donno i might use dudley tho got anything else in mind

Cammy is fun to learn and play and mess with people.
Dan is overall hilarious & fun, and you will feel more at easy (even on wake-ups) with him.
Rufus. Ex Messaih Kick = Free Bailout special in any/every situation. Rufus is just that good at reversing rushdowns.

yeah if you don’t want a shoto i would go with cammy. rufus proper bnb has a 1frame link and dudley doesn’t have a real dp unless you EX it, as far as im aware.

Dan doesn’t play like a Shoto, if you try you will get wrecked, but his KRK is a good reversal. No invincibility on Dudley’s uppercut unless it is the EX version. so he is very susceptible to pressure on his wakeup. Adon has invincibility on all versions of his Rising Jaguar, different on each, and they get the job done if used correctly. I split my time between the three of them and I’d say I fear a knockdown least with Dan.