Trying to deal with super-aggressive/rushdown playstyle?

I’m a bit of a wishywashy SFV player when it comes to sticking with the game for awhile. I played Season 1 pretty avidly and I still have some character tech stuck with me (stuff from Bipson, Urien and Guile). Though compared to other SF/Capcom titles (CVS2, 3S, SSFIIT and USFIV), I seem to have a much larger problem with figuring out when to press buttons in this game or just dealing with this hyper aggressive playstyle.

I’d like to say I preform pretty decently under pressure and I could zone/space properly in the other games, but it just seems somewhat different for this game for me. Is this just as frame data thing and just (very patiently) waiting my turn to press a button when the other person is hitting everything under the sun on my block?

Pretty much. Either you know the gaps or the frame data or you might get tagged by frame traps. Eventually they get spaced out, they do something negative on block or they run out of meter to continue pressure. Learn which blockstrings are fake and read the opponent’s tendencies to know where they are going to commit to something unsafe. Also learn when to V-Reversal - you can safely do it on most if not all heavy normals and on some medium normals too.

Yeah I figured that was the case. I kind of rushed back into V after Ed dropped and totally forgot the proper time to press buttons.


With Guile try to coincide his back+heavy punch with one of their pokes. It’s an integral part of the neutral and offense and defense.