Trying to adjust to SG

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to fighting games, having just been playing them at all for a few months, but I’ve gotten to the point where I feel comfortable playing AE and SC5. I’m trying to get into SG, but the combo system is foreign to me.

Do you guys have any tips on learning to air combo? I understand air dash cancelling air normals to start new chains is key, but my timing on those is off. Is it better to use PP or dash with the stick? Any other advice for a newcomer to this faster, more marvel style gameplay?

Thanks in advance

Yes, use P+P to dash on stick.

My bets advice would be to not overthink it. Get familiar with your characters normals, that’s key to developing combos. Understand how and why they work they way they do. Keep it simple for now and just use basic chains of light, medium, hard attacks. Most characters have something similar to perform in the air for a basic restand combo. When you get comfy with those, start throwing in special attacks, and confirming into supers. After that start experimenting with what you can get away with. There are links in this game, namely after special moves, and they aren’t all that difficult either.

As for air dash, I use both depending on the situation. For air combos I use double tap toward, just feels more fluid for me. For instant air dash or just air dash pressure in general, I use PP. Mess around with mobility in training some time and find something that sits right with you.

TLDR: Start off simple, refine as you get more familiar. Good fundamentals will win you alot of matches.