Tryin' this av-makin' thing

ok, i haven’t done this before, so hmm… i raytrace, i don’t do photoshop or anything, so i guess i don’t do AV’s like anybody else. i don’t have any examples, either, so it makes things a bit difficult. BUT if you request one from me, and i make it, you don’t even have to use it! I just need practice, or some practical experience. because i raytrace, i’ll have different requirements.

-make it basic, no big curves, really. i can try, but no guarantees. i can do cylinders, and things, but nothing like a car/airplane.
-nothing organic, the curves are bad. i don’t know calculus.
-abstract-y, that’s good.
-give me at least some idea, like “gimme a chrome ball over an infinite black/white checkerboard floor”
-i don’t do anything with sprites or anything.

also, you can request a full scene, it doesn’t have to be an AV. I just want to render something.

thanks all.

Edit: if you want a scene, i either want to go for surrealism or realism. i found an example of my latest thing i did, for my gf. (example of realism) a surrealistic piece i did, will be posted soon, im just doing the finishing touches.

My realism example.