true ryu rank

i know that theres faster players in the game than ryu.i know that theres more powerful players in the game than ryu.but if you know how to take advantage of other characters speed or power(that means that the character is slow by the way) attribute,than is there really one character better than the other?i guess what im asking is what makes a character better than the other besides the skill of the person using the character?and is there truly a character who is better than ryu,like i mean if the worlds best ryu player faced the worlds best whoever player is there a character that would dominate ryu EVERY time?i just think that characters rank is bull.if you are a more skilled player than thats what will get you the win…but thats just my theory,i would be interested in what you guys have to say…

Believing that there is no tiering between characters is like believing that an Opel Cadet is just as fast as a Formula 1 racing car. A professional racer driving the Opel would still be able to beat someone without a driver’s license driving the Formula 1.

Here’s what you don’t know: Nobody has ever made the case that there is a character that will always beat any single other character. There are a lot of things that determine who will win, including skill, the matchup, and luck. I don’t see why you think anyone said there is a character that will always beat Ryu.

pherai-i didnt say that i think there is a character that would beat ryu every time…
im just wondering what determines a characters tier rank if so much relies on skill of the player…

tier rankings are hypothetically based on players of equal skill. but if you look at the matchup chart and not just a tier listing i think that would help you allot. the matchup chart has no 10-0s on it. the worst is 8-2.
when you start to see how much higher tier characters can do to annihilate the most effective game plans of lower tiers you’ll see why tiers exist.
the higher tier characters have to take less risks and are able to evade and punish setups of lower tier characters.
look at it this way. you are playing a game of dice and you want to roll a higher number, chun’s dice has all 6’s and 4’s and your dice has one 6 and a bunch of 2’s. can you consistently out roll her in a best of 3 when you add it up?

thanks for the reply…haha i like how you simplified it…haha