True Plinking Question

Hi guys/gals

I main Vega and have trouble linking some stuff. For instance I have trouble linking a after Vega’s close st.fierce. I already Double Plink - but I was considering “True Plinking”. Now as I understand you can only True Plink something if it has the same startup/link properties - and in this case the only answer is cr.lp.

The problem is that you cannot plink lp because it has the lowest priority (you’d just be hitting cr.lp and then double plinking the of the 6 buttons and also of certain commands like throw, Focus Attacks etc. So (1) what happens? I’ve tried it but am unsure what’s happening?

Here’s my second but much shorter question. (2) What happens if I do a into a double plinked but then True plink a double plinked cr.hp - WHICH DOES link but does NOT have the exact frame start up?

For reference:


Omg u are overcomplicating it.

To plink mp Just hit mp~lp. So stand hp, crmp~crlp.

How to know ur plink input is correct.: go to training and turn on input display the input should read

Lp mp

2 lines.

the FUCK are you talking about

True plinking, double plinking? What the fuck?

That shit is not necessary at all.

there are some really good videos on you tube describing this stuff… check them out.