Trouble with Vega FA Dash into Ultra

I’m talking about when you cancel the FA to dash forward/backward, not focus crumple.

At the moment my input for it is to charge db, hold FA, dash, :db::d::df::d::db::l::ub: :3k:

Whenever I do this first of all I’ll always back dash even if I try to dash forward, and second I’ll get an instant super after the back dash. I don’t understand this because I’m pressing all :3k:, so it doesn’t make any sense since the motion for super and ultra is the same, so if I press :3k: surely I should get an Ultra all the time?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

First of all, based on what you posted I’m assuming you’re talking about Bloody High Claw.

For forward dash, your inputs should look like this (facing to the right):

Back Wall Ultra: :db: (charge), :mp:+:mk: (focus), :r::r: (fwd dash), :df::d::db::l::ub: :3k:

Forward Wall Launcher: :db: (charge), :mp:+:mk: (focus), :r::r: (fwd dash), :df::d::db::uf: :3k:

Notice you don’t have to return immediately to db after dashing, instead just roll from df to db and then to the up direction with a crescent/half circle type motion. That movement should be continuous and fluid as if it’s part of the dash motion.

If your Super is coming out immediately after the dash then you are doing the motion right. Try setting one button to KKK and see if it still happens. If you get the ultra then it was your error on not pressing 3 kicks simultaneously.

For Backdash, check this out: [media=youtube]Wl0bhbRYf0w[/media]

Oh thanks dude, but I was actually talking about Splendid Claw lol. Would it be the same for that too?

Splendid Claw? The commands you wrote were for Bloody High Claw… lol. Anyways, for Splendid Claw it would be -

:db: (charge), :mp:+:mk: (focus), :r::r: (fwd dash), :l::r: :3k:

Oh wow…

All this time I’ve been doing Splendid claw with the same motion as Bloody High Claw, ending with df instead of uf lol. I never bothered to look at the command list, cause when I tried SSF the first time I did that and it worked.

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Hey it’s worked perfectly for me so far! Just not for this lol <_<.

Haha nice! But yeah, you can apply everything to the Splendid Claw motion instead. Personally, when dashing into SC I still roll the motion as if it were a fireball type move. It just seems to work better for me to maintain the charge in that particular situation.