Trouble with EX HHS

Hey guys I’ve got a problem with EX HHS as you can tell by the title. I use the piano method LP HP MP LP HP and I can get non EX to come out 100/100 times (lots of lab time to get that one) but I just cant for the life of me figure out EX HHS. I’ve tried LP HP MP LP HP+MP and HP+LP but I just cant get it down. Mashing works like 25% of the time but after practicing normal HHS for weeks getting it every time I don’t want to resort to just mashing it out. I’ve seen so many tutorials on HHS but I’ve never seen one on EX HHS so I’m wondering how you guys get it to come out consistently so I can work my way from there. The problem I have with mashing it out is it either doesn’t cancel because I did it too slow or I get any of the normal versions.

Thanks for the help, I really hope I can get this down so I can do some flashy 4x EX HHS punishes.

One of the easiest methods is to tap light punch and then tap and slide your index across light, medium, heavy and finally LP+MP+HP.

Obviously because this is the extra button it isn’t applicable on a 6 button layout but does the job for tournaments and online. Currently this is the method I use on a console because it works very consitently. The problem is that excessive sliding can destroy your finger!

Anyways give it a try, you might be surprised.

Edit: Easy enough to punish with instead, just use before sliding the top buttons.

That’s a really interesting idea, I’ll try that next time I play. It does sound like it will be rough on my fingers because my buttons are pretty pronounced but if it works I don’t care haha.

OK so it’s taken 2 months and I’m pretty good at EX HHS now but I have a weird problem. The method I use is tap LP then tap it again and slide to LP+MP+HP but sometimes I get medium hands. The input usually looks like LP LP MP HP LP+MP and it usually works but I just can’t seem to stop getting medium hands for some reason. It works perfect every time with MK+LP LP MP HP LP+MP but not 2x LP. I just don’t understand how even on training mode the input looks exactly the same every time even though it gives me medium hands every now and then. Do you think I slide too fast from HP to 3P and it screws up somehow? Any input is appreciated, thanks