Trouble with cody trial 15

I know your suppose to cancel the CU into the DEI, I’ve been trying to do it for the past half hour and can’t get it down. is it my timing? can anyone help?

should be straight forward…as soon as you do cu input dei. cu should only hit once

QCF + K (causes Ruffian to come out), then
QCF + K (causes Ruffian to cancel into Super)

You need to do the second QCF kind of quickly, but it’s a pretty straightforward 2-in-1.

no no no, he’s doing CU into super. There’s no way to make this easy, you just have to input the super hella fast right after the CU.

Wow, I can’t read apparently, haha. I’ll go sit in the corner. :slight_smile:

Yeah, for the CU -> Super, you just have to do the input really quickly. It’s a bit tricky.

Its tricky all right im at this about an hour myself, cannot get it done even using lk on the super he dan somehow still manages to escape :stuck_out_tongue: Going to tear my hair out. I cant see how i can get the super done any faster :frowning:

Yea, it’s tricky for sure. But like everyone else said, you just need to input the Super as fast as you can.

This video { [media=youtube]s1a1Vq-Q2O4[/media] } has been helping me out with figuring out when to time things. He inputs everything crazy quick.

I’m stuck on level 21 personally. EX Focus Cancel has been my issue -_-

Also, watch out for level 20 once you get past 15, it’s similar but I found timing the Super after HK Ruffian Kick to be a lot harder.

Best advice anyone can give you is to NOT mash the super out because it will rarely work. Do Quarter Circle Back Criminal Upper and then immediately so Quarter Circle Forward x 2 THEN hit a kick button. don’t mash out the super because most of the time your inputs are going to read QCF K QCF K QCF K and it doesn’t work.

There is a convenient pause on the first hit of the CU, use this as the reference for your input window. Also, after CU input, start from down back position to make the first input easier. I find this Super very easy to hit confirm, and not a mash super like Ryu’s. Just concentrate, and you’ll be fine.

Just to expand on the above advice - after the CU (assuming you’re using a stick) run the stick 180 from B to F then do the last QCF and hit HK. By simply doing it at full speed it came out after about 15 tries (once I read this thread, been going for about 20min before that and was trying to FADC the Super).


When i read this it sounds to me like you’re letting CU complete and then do the super to try and catch them out of the air with it, instead of cancelling the CU into Super like you should.

I input it like it’s 3 quarters circles instead of 1 and then 2

QCB+P, QCF, QCF+K all in 1 string without a pause or anything.