Trouble with certain combos

An example for me would be Rock’s shining knuckle comboed by: cr j, cr j, cr forward, shining knuckle. So, whenever i attempt this, after i hit cr forward to buff shining knuckle, Rock will just do a crack counter. What’s the deal?

hold the mk down so you don’t neg-edge the mk.

^^^^^^Fuck that combo… c short, c. jab, shine knuckle…:mad:

Trust me you will be a better Rock user if you do short, short, Super.:wink:

So, you’re saying stay neutral basically with the mk, then SK?


I don’t see how this would make things much easier, since messing up a short would result in another crack counter, unless you’re just referring to the linking of short short being a lot easier.

do short short xx shine knuckle
easier, less chance of fucking up the link into mk
dont do jab jab xx shine knuckle, jab doesnt hit low
hold lk down while doing short short and then drum all 3 kicks into shine knuckle

What he said^^^^^

Ive seen Otk miss short, short, mk super.:sad:

Appreciate the help

its what ever/ you play Rock I play Rock. Tis my duty.

It all about not screwing up big damage… If you can do c.short c.short super go right ahead…
but shortx2 is all you need to hit confirm.

a lot of ppl have trouble doing this combo when they first start playing rock just keep at it and you’ll get it…personally i neg edge the shine knuckle off of the mk. just do the motion for the knuckle quickly then release. just practice it…also you can do one short into forward if it helps your timing. iwould definitely say go for the forward if you’re playing k its about 1000 extra points of damage and its free if you can do the combo…so you should learn it.

Um, well…defiinitely hold down the mk so you don’t neg edge shit…

But, shine knuckle is hit confirmable off of low mk…so that’s why I use it…aside from more damage…and the timing is easier for me 'cause it all kinda flows into super instead of just short, short.

Do whatever you can get consistent at doing. That’s the thing that matters most.

I’d recommend going for the link.
Cancelling supers off forwards are much easier, gives you a little more damage and stun, more time for it to register in your brain and a litte more time to cancel if you’re reflexes aren’t up to short short super.
Besides Rock’s got a harder x 2 xx super than say Ken because of qcf+lk crack counter.

The only hard part in this instance with the MK is the link, but once you get that it isn’t hard at all, lets you move onto more advanced K-groove characters such as Kyo.

i play rock as my main team and i also had that problem and i got fucking mad lol

but later i realize even tho i hold down mk, i wasn’t hitting qcfx2 before hitting lk again

so yeah really make sure u hit this —> cr.lkx2, mk)qcf,qcf, lk

i also find out that lk lk mk is not an easy link either, so that’s why otk misses in the vid like No defence mentioned

i still see no body mentioned that it could be because u didn’t hit qcfx2, kinda surprising because i know leezy and MGS uses rock. holding down mk would STILL get a crack counter if u didn’t hit qcfx2 before hitting lk. hope this helps

Yeah I thought cr mk would be better because of stun. I just need to learn how to stop neg edging.

c.LP, c.MK & c.LK, c.MK are both 2-frame links. c.LK hits low, c.LP does a bit more damage. If you’re good with your links finish the combo with Deadly Rave instead, it does more damage (or c.LK, close s.HK xx Super if you want something difficult).

Shining Knuckle is really fast, if you’re really good with your footsies & JDs you can create situations where you can super the opponent on reaction from pretty far away.

hah, when I play him in casuals, Its awesome JDing something like a laggy or fierce/rh, getting rage from it, then shine knuckle.

…Kyo being a more advanced character that rock i simply don’t see how thats true…kyo is so user friend and you can just mash shorts or span on until you get whatever hit then go into whatever combo…then they’re in the corner then they’re dead…haha

to have a decent kyo it took me about 2 weeks …to have a decent rock it took months and a whole lot of quarters haha.

dan is right about the qcfx2 i used to have the problem of doing it too slow but its all about timing once you get that you’re set. just go to training mode and practice that shit until you can’t miss it, although you will still miss it in match play no one gets it 100% of the time…hell you’ll even miss 360xxshine knuckle at times…

i would say definitely DO NOT go for deadly rave off of this combo…its generally a bad idea IMO. its incredibly hard to give your brain that option of do i do qcfx2 or deadrave off of the same combo…DO NOT do close s.HKxxrave this combo is completely dependent on the opponent close roundhouse has a hit height of 77 or something…meaning you will miss everyone in the game(save a few exceptions) if they are crouching…so its simply not practical if you’re looking to set up a rave just do a cr.short, standing close fiercexxdeadly rave its more damage more stun…and pretty sexy…if for whatever reason(spacing issues) you get the far fierce…and it still hits them you still can DR off of it also with this combo…i wouldn’t finish it with the flare if you’re fighting a pixie cl.HK(since the rave forces them to stand) into hardedge will probably put the in the corner or somewhere close.

Knuckle like FS said is a great super for the footsie game and whiff punishing you can punish any whiffed move in the game with this except a jab maybe. i love when ppl call it random when you lvl3 sagat or some other top tier for whiffing their normals.

needless to say rock is the shit.


Even without JD it’s a really good super to punish things like Sagat’s whiffed c.HP, Cammy’s whiffed s.HK, Bison’s blocked Psycho Crusher, Hibiki’s blocked Slash, etc.

Kyo has to get in to do any reasonable damage. Rock has Repukens & Shining Knuckle which give him options from far away.
Both characters are really good, I just think Kyo is more technical, you have to know exactly when to use which move, you can’t simply spam random moves with him.
I tried playing Kyo but then I realized it’s easier to get wins with Rock. I mean, being able to punish stuff from half screen away as well as being able to land big damage off a throw is just too good.

Oh…my apologies…I thought qcf x 2 was pretty easy when you do low forward…

I buffer a qcf into the low forward…and then just do another one with any kick (or let go of forward) if it hits.

I suppose if you’re trying to super off of shorts, then yeah, qcf x 2 might be more difficult…but with low forward you get loads of time.

To bad that nobody put inputs on screen on combos videos, we could see timing required^^
When you “hold and release” a button, do you do the motion the fastest possible or can you play quiet and smoothly?
I tried a bit ken low shorts3 into qcb2 + K, i couldn’t see the difference in timing when i got the super, or a tastu^^ Grr.

How would you see the timing in the inputs? It’s just arrows and buttons? You’re only going to learn the timing by eventually learning the timing on your own.