Trouble vs. Mai

Recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble fighting anyone who uses Mai. Her jump is so quick that I have trouble using anti-air moves. She just bounces around and beats the hell out of me.

Geese (2)

Usually in S, but I switch to K if I lose really bad.

Any Anti-Mai tips?

Switch to vega/bison/mai…:wink:

Practice doing a fierce shoryuken with Ken when she jumps at you. If I’m assuming correctly and you’re playing on Live though… :rofl:

Yeah. I play live. so basically the DP comes out after she hits the ground :tdown:

my friend just picked up mai. he plays her ghetto like eddie lee :lol:. wall bounce > dive > lather, rinse, repeat.

Geese is a good anti air vesus wall jumping of mai. As she wall jumps try jumping to her and hit HK. I assure you 100% hit

About Ken try doing the funky kick RC and keep distance and using f.FK over Mai (don’t leap on her you may get hit f.HP of Mai

About Rock I’m not sure about it versus Mai, since I don’t play him much.

Does Ken’s f+HK reliably get over Mai’s d.HK? What about Mai’s far s.LP? If I try f+HK maybe just a little too bit too close, will the s.LP counter me clean at all or will I have a chance?

I’m not sure how to approach Mai on the ground with Ken myself, that’s why I ask. Fans and sweeps always get in the way. :tdown:

Mai was so quick compared to ken When I’m playing with Mai I always wait to attck mai’s sweep before I use ken’s