Trouble vs Cross up

Hey guys, I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out when someone will or will not cross me up on my wake-up. I can usually tell if they’re super close, they’re going to, but further than that I have trouble.

Any advice for what ranges and characters to look out for in this situation?

Instead of looking at the arc of the jump keep an eye on the distance between the two models on the ground before he jumps

Edit: To explain a little more… when you jump, you give up any control you have over your position, its a guarantee that you’re going to come down in “X” amount of time with character “X”.

With that being said, if you know the position they are on the ground before they jump, you’ll know their position when they land giving you the answer to the question “Which way do I block”?

Very good explanation. To add to this, you’re going to need to learn the trajectory and arcs of each person’s jump-ins, either through training mode or via live matches. In a short time, you should learn the difference between Ryu or Cody’s jump in distance and that of DeeJay’s, which can be quite ambiguous.

My advice is to go into training mode and have a dummy knock you down (throw, backthrow, sweep) and test different jump in scenarios on wake-up. Then replay the dummy and try to block the various different setups, paying more attention to where they are on the ground before they jump.

OP, i don’t know who you use, but as Adon and a few other characters, you can avoid cross-ups with a dash under, like in one of my old vids: [media=youtube]PfMzwR7bj5I[/media]

If you think dashing would be too risky, blocking correctly does wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea. I’ll have to try that next time I’m doing training mode stuff.

I use Viper. That video was pretty sexy though. lol

I am starting to get better at figuring this out, but a lot of people have some really ambiguous seeming stuff. Sakura was giving me a LOT of trouble.