Trouble punishing Bison

Bison’s headpress upon block.
On his dive punch follow up:
I get crossed up waiting for him to drop to my dp level.

A jump back mp misses him entirely.


If they’re crossing over you after the headpress to throw off your DP input then you can dash forward and they won’t be able to reach you. They’ll end up whiffing behind you, if they land close enough you can punish with sweep. If they hold back after the headpress connects they can still come down on top of you though.

The better solution is to not block headpress. You can’t anti-air it with medium DP since it will whiff under him, but cr.HP, jump back normals or dashing forward will all work against the headpress. There are ways he can use devil’s reverse to beat these options individually, but if you mix between different responses he shouldn’t be able to reliably punish you for them.

A risky option is to parry the headpress, then jump forward and hit Bison with air to air MP. Gets big damage if you have meter to juggle into EX DP or super once you land, but if he uses devil’s reverse he’ll counter hit you and get a juggle that can hit you just as hard.

thanks for the tips and trade offs. Will give it a try.

You can also just jab him out of the return of you block the press, that gives you the freedom of not having to whiff a DP and use Ryus quickest normal to hit him out the air, if he goes behind you, you’ve already recovered anyway.