Trouble canceling crouching normals into Shoryuken motion moves

Hey guys. I’ve been lurking on this forum ever since I got SSF4, but now I have a problem that I can’t find support for and I figured I might as well make an account.
I’m having trouble doing shoryukens after crouching moves. I know the shortcut (d, df, d/f, df, f) and I can do every method normally, but for some reason I just can’t do it fast/accurately enough to cancel while crouching. Right now I’m trying to do Sagat’s cr. lk, cr. lk xx dp combo and I either get a fireball or nothing without fail. I can do every cancel but this, including standing moves into dp. So, anyone have any tips? I play on stick by the way.

There’s really no easy way to help you other than telling you to practice it as long as you got it down.
I also suggest practicing the default motion first, even though it’s harder, being able to do lightning fast neutral dragon punches, is never a bad skill to have.
Just keep in mind that you have to end the motion at :df: going the whole distance ends in a fireball.
James Chen suggested in a First Attack episode that you should let the stick to some work for you, meaning basically that you should remember that releasing the stick returns him to neutral so you don’t have to do the whole motion which might fuck the motion up.

Take what I say with a grain of salt though, I’m a noob pad player until my stick ships when I’ll be a noob stick player and I just give you some information I’ve gathered across the net.

SFIV is really lenient with how it takes inputs and can thus promote sloppy execution even despite the fact that you can still do stuff on demand. Try looking at your inputs in training mode and seeing if it will troubleshoot your problem. Like Art mentioned above, it’s all just practice and muscle memory. Devote a small time to it everyday, keep at it and you’ll eventually get it.

If you’re playing on stick, I’m really not sure how this can be so hard. What is your gate? A square or octagon? If it’s a standard square gate, all you need to to is your move, and then “wiggle” the stick from down -> down-forward -> down -> down-forward and it should come out as an SRK motion.

Other than that, you just gotta practice it I guess.

Isn’t the shortcut :df: :d: :df: :p: ?

Yeah, I forgot a down-forward. Thanks.

For a single normal into srk, you can buffer part of the motion and do: F,D (press your normal here), then finish it with DF+P for the srk.

For the example you listed, find out how slow you can execute and get away with it. Do cr. LK, cr. LK, then perform the srk slowly and accurately. Slowly speed it up until it combos and you find the timing. Or just do it the easy way using the DF,D,DF+P shortcut.

You just need to understand what you’re going for, then put in the time. Check your input display!

Btw. dunno if it’s still relevant to you but just in case I found 2 episodes of First Attack where J.C. Hensor talks about uppercuts and techniques to make them come out more reliably.
I’m applying this stuff atm to my training as well and it’s great advice overall.

Do :df: -> :d: as you do the second Basically, just do part of the motion early.

If you want to do the real SRK motion, it’s just a matter of speed. Or I’m pretty sure that you can do :f: :d: :lk: :df: if you abhor using shortcuts for some reason.