Trone vs. Psylocke?

I think Trone is better since her attack is 45%. And you can’t roll out from it.

On the other hand Psylocke sets up every infinite known to man. And she effectively stops alot of supers.

The problem with Trone is she doesn’t connect all three circles all the time. So it’s hard to dash in and catch them sometimes. Psylocke is good, she can’t last as long on her own.

Who do you think is better?

Well for their assists I think it really depends on the team. You are looking are two completely different assists here. One is meant for damage and the other sets up combos. If your other two characters are Magz and Storm I think Psylocke fits into place better for seting up combos. Where as other teams would make more use of Tron. It is hard comparison. They aren’t even the same type of assist, AAA vs. AAA like Cammy and Psylocke might be something to compare more.

I couldn’t have found someone to say it any better.

the “problem” you referred to can actually be GOOD if you use it right. for instance, mag’s reset (launch, rh, ad/df, lk lk, land, call tron, dash to the other side,,, tempest) wouldn’t work if all rings hit at once. Also, sent/tron wouldn’t be as dangerous IMO if all rings at once…you might have more powerful combos…but as far as the lockdown with sent/tron, it would TOTALLY take away from the lockdown they have.

like buddy said, they are two different TYPES of assist. Therefore it depends on what style player you want to be. If your an ‘infinite’ everything type of guy…go psylocke all the way. If you like powerful, quick hits on open assists, and a fairly good assist against tri jumpers…go tron.

Me…personally, I prefer tron a LITTLE more over psylocke just because of the amount of damage I can deal on assists within a second. for instance…open assist…i got mag/storm/tron…slide+tron, tempest…if they try and hit you, go into the hail (instant super). of course you can’t do that on cable, but why would you be messing with assists THAT much against cable, u should be rushin his ass down and just hitting the assist with triple fierce combos at most.

basically experiment at the arcade…see which u like better

Here’s the way I’d put it to a friend… If you love to OTG, and enjoy interrupting people, go Psylocke. If cross-up is your forte, Tron is wonderful for damage, and an incredible combo-starter.

Shorter ranged people like Psylocke more… people with Long range can squeeze incredible damage out of the Tron assist.

As far as an overall rating goes, they’re both incredible. Either one can make or break games on assist, and neither one is a very poor point character… though I would probably rank Psylocke higher on point. But that’s probably because I’m out of practice with Tron.

tron sucks vs. anyone that’s good, learned it last night…

drop her for cyke, end of story

What happened?

I ain’t droppin’ Tron. I’ve got this odd thing about hanging on to bad characters, until I can kick everyone’s butt with them. But maybe I’m just running short on good people to play against.

She’s not a bad character, and her assist is killer. Why do you think she sucks? Honestly, yes, I have trouble with her on point… but there are a million ways I could be better, so why drop her?

Tron Jon

I can play her on point pretty well too (I’d been playing her on point for a couple months to use her drill/Sent drones ghetto rushdown before I even noticed how sick her Projectile assist is).

My flaw with her that I largely corrected this past week of arcade action (due to painful lessons) was that I’d throw her out there too much. Against Doom or Cyke assists, you really can’t do that - Cyke AAA into Cable AHVB == goodbye Tron.

I use her for extreme punishment, and she deals that well. TBonne assist combo’d into Morrigan’s Soul Eraser or Silver Samurai’s Raimenken is around 70% damage to their assist character. So… yeah, I don’t need to and generally shouldn’t be throwing her out all the time. Was that your problem? What team were you using, anyway? Inquiring minds want to know what to watch out for.

If you can protect her AND she’s guaranteed to hit, throw her out. If not, just wait. Being a TBonne whore will get ya killed, though.



and your playin sherwins team man you have a long way to go buddy

man that isn’t true trust me. Tron can help you win a match if your patient…especially if you have cable or mag on your team also tron is an assist killer…my game plan down at evl last year was like this: Since the first couple of rounds in my bracket were one match, my plan was to kill their “assist character” as soon as possible. My first match was against someone with comando as their assist and unfortunately they kept whoring him out so he would call comando and super jump all i would do is dash forward with mag sweep call out tron and Shockwave that ass…his commando was dead in 10 seconds, if you are whoring out tron then find a way to keep her safe like if I am cable and i call out tron and it is block i always ALMOST ALWAY super jump and throw out a LK grenade just to keep her safe, almost every match that i play with where i have 2 characters left tron is always near full life, even if i am left with her she is always coming in with full life, and i have taken down a whole team with just tron by herself.

So like Zach said as if any good MvC2 player should know…Don’t whore out your assists

-Frankdadank out

i dunno, i put her for the first time agaisnt very serious comp. this past weekend at CF and she didn’t do much for me.

i mean yea she did her job for the most part, but she just can’t handle shit on point, and she can’t be point w/o an assist, so i’d play her 2nd.

i dunno, i just feel like cyke works better w/ Storm/Sent right now anyway. Hella unblockable setups, so, i’m sticking w/ that until i feel my tron is ready. I have stupid stuff to do w/ her, both Sanford and JWong were eating kobun shots, but she just wasn’t cutting it.

Chill. Frank’s got mad TBonne combo skills that I simply don’t have. Frank’s solo half-life TBonne beat my half-life each Storm/Sentinel a bit ago (moral: Bonne Drill can shred Sentinel). We played a Low Tier Grudge Match last tourney, and my low tier Team Sherwin (Morrigan/SilSam/Tron Bonne) eked out the win over Frank’s low tier (Psylocke/Storm/Tron Bonne).

Sherwin was a local innovator whom I respect and look up to. Since I don’t get to sit down with Training Mode and have only been playing against top tier competition for the past ~5 months, I play a relatively ghetto game, but it’s pretty good (not great) for how little great competition I have. For me, losing 1-2 each time to RowTron and Kuan was a Good Start. I’m working my way up to be better, and gleaning things from Sherwin (whom I’ve never seen play, just heard about) and Frank help. That’s why I’m here - I’ve got some skillz, but I’d like to get better.

I don’t have a problem where I’m at, and generally Frank will probably get the better of me (although I think we’ve only played ~5 times, with 3 being in the tourney match). I take all competition where I can get it. Generally people get really really pissed off playing my Tron Bonne-based teams - which is how an effective TBonne assist gets played. They make a wrong move, they lose mad life. They switch in poorly, they lose mad life. Frank’s got the elegant combos, whereas I’ve been working on dropping the anvil. I respect all y’all who’ve come before me, and I hope that in turn I can contribute back. 'Nuff said.

I’ve never ever seen anybody seriously use her and put her first. It doesn’t make sense because her assist is too powerful to ignore or risk not hitting your opponent with it. Since her assist is so strong, she’s almost always the 3rd character. At the tourney today, there were about 6 people using TBonne - Frank, me, RowTron (as an alternate team), Andrew, Stilt, and another guy or two. For Storm/Sent, I’d agree with Cyke (or CapCom). TBonne makes a good alternative to CapCom - Sent/Cable/TBonne and Mags/Sent/TBonne were the most used TBonne teams.

I do it sometimes, actually. Not often, but there are situations where I use her on point. Yes, her assist is awesome… but on point she isn’t too bad, and for some people, the unfamiliarity of fighting a well played Tron just confuses the heck out of them.

It’s my philosophy that you shouldn’t play any character for just his / her assist… you should be able to play with them on point. And, since Tron was my first character, I got fairly good at it.

Even if I do put her third 90% of the time. :lol: I’d love to actually play you guys, but I don’t think I’m anywhere near you (Albany area).

T. Jon

hey Tron Jon, come to CT and play me, tron vs. tron, i gave up on her in my team (storm/sent/cyke now, better combos and better point IMO) but i still play casual w/ her. I think albany’s like 3 hours from here, we could maybe setup a time when the dudes from eastern CT are coming over my house and we could get some games in. Plus theres a kid from Alabama that just moved up here, so we’d have some new players. Tell me what you think.

I’d love to. I’d still probably get my butt kicked, because I’m still working on some major holes in my playing style… been playing the same people too much, so I haven’t been pushed as hard as if I played a different crowd.

I have some problems doing this, though. I’m here in Albany as a college student, got no car, and am heading back to Texas very soon. I should be back up here for the winter term, but it’d be a while before I could come over.

Tron Jon

Tronn’s da man she sets up lots of my combo’s and like that other guy said shes a assist killer for example pretty crappy combo but it works of juggs is glitched :smiley:

Juggs Combo: catch the opponent of gaurd then hit em up with tronn’s proj assist charge in with juggs s.hcf hpxxHC
95% like on cable and shit 100% on weak chars storm psylocke etc.

Tron doesn’t suck vs. good players, you just have to treat the match right. :^) It’s a bit difficult vs. Cable, but she can stop all the other top tiers cold. Hopefully I’m qualified to say that by now.
Also, to get back to the question that was asked, I’d pick Tron above almost all assists if you are playing the following characters: Doom, Juggernaut, Felicia, Sent, IM. Admittedly most people only ever play the last 2 (^.^) but every one of those characters has one (or many) ways to do 100% with Tron, especially Juggernaut - one hit anywhere if you have Tron assist = dead character. Additionally, Doom-B/IM-A/Sent-G/Jugs-any are great backups if you actually want to play Tron on point, which you are eventually going to have to.

Mike Z