Tron Bonne Mission Thread

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You can view all the missions completed, [media=youtube]DWFQTMht0HA"[/media]

My issue is with mission #10. After the air S and the st. H I have to connect a Servebot Surprise but it’s too slow. Any suggestions?

Stuck on 9. That’s like a B&B right there. ):

What part of #9 are you stuck on?

Yeah, which part are you stuck on exactly? I’m quite the scrub and I completed it on the third try. You must be misunderstanding part of the combo.

#9 is all in the timing of the jump cancel from flamethower

Whoop. Nevermind. Now I’m stuck on 10. My biggest issue is landing the j.:s:

S is for Sucks .):

Nevermind. Figured it out. You need to hit j.:m: on the way up.

Also, to connect the St.:h:, you need to wait for She-hulk to be a little high up on the ground bounce before you connect the St.:h:

Tron is my first 10/10. :slight_smile:

im stuck on mission 10. I cant do the air:m:, air:h:, air:s: after the :m:,:f:+:m: to save my life

Like I said, you need to basically hit the first j.:m: when you’re on the way up. Anything else won’t connect j.:s:.

On mission 10, my Servbot Surprise doesn’t connect after the s.:h: and I have no idea why. I mean, it looks just like the videos of people doing the mission successfully as far as I can tell, except that my She-Hulk just falls through the King Servbot unharmed half the time. What am I doing wrong?

she’s not high up enough. which means the former part of the combo you need to do faster.

more mission 9 help over hear. The second j.H always misses. Ive tried delaying jumps and watching videos but i’m still totally lost.

I can’t seem to combo j.h into s.h in Mission 9.

Do the j.H as low to the ground as possible.

im stuck on mission 10. i can’t land air :h: after first gustaff fire, air :m:.
the dummy always recover when im trying to hit it with air :h:.