Trolls on PSN

Why is it that so many people make multipe accounts? I see a lot of players on ranked with very low points who are more skilled than the high ranked players. You check out their profile and they have something like 10 trophies and it’s all SF4.

Now my question is why the fuck do so many of you make new accounts? I just don’t understand.

Maybe they want a new name.

Because the online world makes no sense.

I did it for a dedicated friends’ list for fighting games. My primary account is pretty much full from RL friends, and folks I’ve met over just about everything but fighting games. Very few of them touch the genre, so I made an Alt for specifically it.

It’s a nice bonus that I went with the name I should have years ago for my primary. Wish Sony would be cool and let us change our handles.

Lots of them are scrubs that are embarrassed with their w/l records.
That was a common phenomenon in Warcraft 3, where people would make new accounts over and over again in order to stomp noobs with their fresh accounts until they met decent players again that “ruined” their 50-0 record.
We used to call these kinds of people smurfs.

It’s also something that makes it hard for noobs to get into fighting games because they get wtf stomped all the time by people with 0bp/0pp accounts, instead of getting people actually around their level when they choose same skill opponents as search criteria.

It would be actually easy for Capcom to get rid of this bullshit by requiring an account to have played a predetermined time or numer of matches in endless battle or arcade mode before being allowed to play ranked, or by using an algorithm that predicts the players approximate future level after a couple of games and match them with appropriate opponents.
I don’t see that happening though, since aside from Skullgirls the developers in fighting games don’t seem to give a rats ass about online experience.

The perfect fighter for me would be a Street Fighter game with only 20 characters, an amazing training mode and netcode like Skullgirls and a matchmaking algorithm, anti-cheat measures and search options like in Dota 2/Starcraft/Warcraft 3.

I’m done with my rant.

Yeah I see that a lot, I have a habit of looking at their profile and they usually have no trophies so it’s pretty clear they made a new account. If you’re a 0PP endless monsters that’s cool, on ranked you expect them to be new at the game but most of the time they’re even better than the high ranked players.

A lot of em just do it to stomp out the ego of ranked match junkies, and teach them not to judge by points. To be honest after you reach a certain level through ranked match how much points the opponent has doesn’t even matter anymore. So who cares how many points they have in the first place? just get yours.

Of course points don’t matter if you aren’t playing ranked, even if you got 0P you could have 15K matches played in endless. But if you play ranked matches all day and you only got 1000PP chances are you’re not that good.

If you’re playing ranked on a regular basis then yes you can judge by points.

Points don’t matter, my points hardley get above 1000 because once I get a chracter to C rank I switch to a new character

I created a new account when i switched to a new character and was embarassed at how bad i was with him. Didnt want people to associate that low level of play while i was learning with my main GT. Going from really good with my main charge character to really bad with my new motion character while learning stick was frustrating. And having friends telling me to switch back, i just decided to make a new account.

My PP hardly gets above 1000 because I suck and only win about 1/3 of my matches, so that’s always a thing as well.

Former WC3 player here. People could have smurfed for all sorts of reasons, not just because their win/loss wasn’t perfect.

As a good example, I actually used to smurf a lot, because when you start a new account and go 25-0 or something (I did used to have a number of accounts with that record, and 25 was the magic number because that’s the minimum number of wins to get your first icon!), it basically becomes nearly impossible to find a game. This is due to the match making system trying to match you up with “equally skilled” players… meanwhile the rest of the good players weren’t playing on BNET (equivalent of XBL/PSN). They were playing on Garena (direct connection to your opponent and significantly less lag).

My pp is low because in ranked I mess with other characters and sometimes I lose lol then when I want points I play my main. I dont care for points any way ae’s ranking is retarded. I played a rank 100 oni on psn with 200pp dude had no clue on the basics of sf, playing oni like ryu (^_^)

turd strike is a troll fest too

lvl1s play like lvl23s