Trolling your gf/bf

Have a significant other you are trying to get into fighting games? Ever taken the time to show them the moves and help them improve… and then just completely trolled them? Idea came up when I was talking to some people at KiT15 so I figured I’d try it out haha

No idea why anyone would make a thread about this

You’ve been here 6 years, you should know better than this :expressionless:


Wait a minute!

I know that girl! Two summers ago a friend and I banged that shit out. And you kissed her on the mouth.

Ha ha ha! I would so do that with my girlfriend.

6 years here and still doesn’t know how to make threads in the right sections.

i often play hilarious practical jokes on my boyfriend angelpalm

My wife has trolled SRK. Your shenanigans are weak. Definitely 09er bullshit.

and by your wife you mean your alt account

Kind of how Sennin’s is yours.

You’re obsessed with me somehow being Sennin aren’t you?

I’m not. I just think its beautiful that you aren’t ashamed of your schizophrenia. You’re a great example for all of the SRK posters with mental disabilities.

@valaris this is the kind of shit I am talking about man…

I can’t be ashamed of something i don’t have now Pertho.

Well isn’t that a schizo thing to say. Next you’ll tell us how repulsive you find Sennin to be until you hit some cold water, switch IPs and go troll the GamerGate thread using the right side of your brain.

I’d love to see your evidence for me being Pertho.

you know, actual evidence, not the shit you pull out of your ass

Do you get mad when things get pulled out of your ass because you wish they’d stay there? I should ask Sennin.

Not really, i quite like anal beads actually.

That makes sense. You put them in as Ash, you take them out as Sennin then you go back to Ash and get mad at yourself for oppressing your sexuality. Must be hard.

Ha ha ha ha! Internet fight!