Trish DHC Trick Thread

It was previously reported that Peek-a-Boo by Trish would cause a spin state but not reset damage and therefore wasn’t a DHC trick. For some reason, if you land one hit of Maximum Voltage, the DHC trick works fine. Anymore hits of the super connecting and they won’t be in the free-fall state when you DHC.


Another vid showing how you can also use her assist to do this >:D.


Trish why you so GDLK?

“You need to do a projectile super and dhc it on? a hit I believe. I’ve successfully done it with Sent, Dorm, and Arthur so far.” Apparently LoneNazo found a way to do this using other chars. Trish Peekaboo assist usage might go through the roof after this weekend’s finding! :smiley: Rejoice our char isn’t ass after all. Any interesting combos and whatnot post here and I’ll add to the OP!

Lets get this thing organized fellow Trish mains!

I don’t think peekaboo assist use will ever go through the roof. It suffers very severely from hitstun decay. Both as an assist and as a stand alone move. Trish looks like the worst DHC glitch starter so far.

Still, it’s a neat trick to have when you have tons of meter and 2 DHCs won’t kill the opponent or characters like Wesker/Task/Thor who can end the DHC glitch with a net meter gain.

Now I don’t think our main was ever ass… T_T

I don’t quite know if Trish can open up enough damage before she does peak-a-boo on her own to warrant this trick, but the assist is what’s groundbreaking. The ability to make just about any character DHC trick-a-ble is insane (i think this will either make or break the argument for/against patching the glitch). I was giving thought to picking up Thor anyway, but now I have more incentive to. What I want to work on is going from Dr. Doom into thor, placing peak-aboo halfway through the buktooth loop. Something like…

:a1: is obviously peak-a-boo

cr:l:, cr:m:, cr:h:, :s:, sj, j:m:, f:h:, dfdc, j:m:, cr:m:, cr:h:, :s: + :a1:, sj, j:m:, f:h:, dfdc, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC Trick to thor.

Sometimes I throw in peakaboo trap at the very end of the second ground series and it will catch in the corner before you do the second air medium in the buktooth. Someone in the original thread that posted this discovery said they could start the trick with doom’s photon array, so to do that in the corner into Thor’s bread and butter will do good damage, as Dr. Doom opens up many more damage opportunities than Trish does.

She probably is the worst to start it with, I agree. If I’m not mistaken the DHC glitch resets hit stun too though, does it not? So using it as an assist might not be horrible. I can’t be sure, I haven’t hit the lab with it just yetas I’ve been sick in bed. I use Trish on point and almost never use her meter, however, so I end up bringing in Doom or Dormammu with close to 5 bars for no real reason other than her supers don’t do very much damage, and with my team order the only practical DHC is to go from maximum velocity into sphere flame in the corner. This opens up DHC opportunities for my team a bit more and lets me use a bit more meter for better damage than trish typically does, IMO.

lol trish was anything but garbage before the dhc glitch discovery. she was still top 10 material imo. but yea nin heartly is right. due to peakaboo suffering horribly from hit stun decay it has been extremely hard for me to break past 900k. i probably can do just a tad bit towards a million with dante as ender.

heres a question:
Can you land a Peek-a-boo as Trish come in from an Aerial Exchange.
Obviously you know where im going here. AE DHC Reset Loops
Its not an impractical technique, I use it all the time with Storm/(Wol,Zero,Sent,Wesk)

EDIT: Nvr mind I saw NinaHarts response to this same query in the DHC Glitch thread.
I guess the answer is no, it doesnt work.

You can still get 950-1m starting the glitch with just two meters, so it’s still a guaranteed kill on half the cast. Add the overall wear and tear of a practical match(chip damage, max range pokes, zoning, etc) and you can kill pretty much anyone of it with just 2 meters.

Still though, you need a character who can either build 1 meter in the follow up combo or a character who can deal 650-700k without using a super ender.

I wish Dante could build meter in Devil Trigger. Would make him so much better as a DHC glitch ender.

I wasn’t positive about whether or not it did reset hit stun, I figured I was just somehow screwing up my inputs. Personally, I don’t think the DHC trick with Trish to Dante is worth all the meter. I’m not sure how it is for other characters though, I’d assume it’s a lot better at least from the looks of how Zero was doing.

Ok now lets look at this as a 100% Trish was not a great character seemed that way but she lacked in many of the areas that make a lot of the other character top and high tier. With this dhc trick she moved up a little bit. The main problem with it is that Trish can not get a lot of damage bofore the dhc meaning even though we get a damage boost its nowhere near the level of mags/storm/spencer/thor.

I got some stuff with Trish wesker on this DHC glitch thing. ill post a vid soon

on a side not. Trish’s best assist is low voltage. peekaboo can be stopped my beams ans normals its borderline useless imo.

I agree, if she had more damage potential this would be a better discovery. I think people are gonna hype up the assist property, but I saw the usefulness of low voltage at a tournament I was at recently, I never really realized how high that projectile went vertically. I still might experiment around about it, its a good tool to have if you’re team can utilize it.

Well, I have reconsidered. I was wrong(thankfully). Trish DHC glitch into Dante is actually pretty godlike. I found a combo that kills everyone from everywhere starting with 2 meter. It’s not as braindead as most other uses of the DHC glitch, so I feel strangely accomplished when doing it.

Anyways, I’ve been messing around and I found some interesting ways to set up her DHC glitch.

1. Most common and practical ways to set it up

IAD J.H>J.2H>2L>2M/5M>5H>5S>J.M>Peekaboo>Super

J.M>Peekaboo>Super is easier to connect than J.H>J.2H>Peekabo>Super. You can replace J.H with J.M to make it slightly easier
2. Most damaging set up into DHC glitch
3.Nini’s DHC glitch combo off 2 meters(aka, the combo begins with Trish starting with 2 meters)**

IAD J.H>J.2H>2L>5M>5H>5S>J.M>Peekabo>Max Voltage>Devil Trigger>Glacier >Volcano > J.H> Airplay> J.H> 5H> 5S> J.H> Vortex> J.S>Assist(Trish low voltage)>Cold Shower>Stinger>The Hammer/J.S> Assist(Wesker B)>VolcanoHive>Stinger>Bold Cancel>Jet Stream>Fireworks(or Crazy Dance)>Optional Jackpot for characters with too much life.

Kills everyone with super, kills 90% of the cast without.

P.S: Bolded part can be skipped. It’s a hard link for some weird reason, simpler to just go into launcher. Does the same damage in the end either way.

This was a fun combo to find. The key was finding how to make a combo last longer than devil trigger so I could regain some meter to get the final super. Assists are not optional to get enough meter for super. Still kills 80% of the cast without them and Crazy Dance ender.

IMO Trish has probably the most versatile use of the DHC glitch in the game. To even remotely sleep on this shit is stupid. Even if you can’t always get 1.2 to 1.3 million most good characters dont even have that much health. Standard peekaboo DHC glitch will kill off annoying ass Magneto or Dante pretty easy. Any team that isn’t focused on DHC glitch can kill Magneto in basically one combo or one combo and a mix up so this will at least ensure he goes down without needing a mix up after.

Besides Trish can chip all day so you can go around throwing shit for chip that will take off 100 to 200k damage easy already then go in for the kill.

The only issue I can even remotely find with this is that Trish herself trying to start this might have some trouble getting it off at the start of the round depending on how much meter she can build herself. If she can build one meter herself then land the peekaboo and DHC glitch then that works. If not then the fact that she can assist 2 other characters into a DHC glitch means you can use 2 other characters that are better at building meter at the start of the round and then just have them glitch shit out.

Sure Magneto is probably still better than Trish…but this shit right here is GOOD.

Note for Trish/Dante teams, if you start the combo with only two meters and you’re not confident the whole combo will kill the character(Tron/Hulk/Thor) instead of DHCing into Devil Trigger, DHC into Million Dollars xfactor(lvl 1 is enough) immediately and continue your combo. You will build meter and do more damage enough to hit well over 1.2 mil if you need a super.

nobody is really sleeping on the DHC glitch were not gonna over hype the thing. Now all these trish players who havent posted here are posting now so that tells you something. Its better to look at this with an open mind and to view the strengths and weaknesses accordingly.

Now from what im gathering it seems that when you DHC glitch to dante you can break that million mark, but what if you dont play dante or have a character to DHC into? lets be smart about this. This DHC trick is not a godsend.

I’m pretty sure trish allows some non DHC glitch characters to become DHC glitch material since they take REALLY long to fall on the ground if you do it in the air.

If you don’t play a DHC character, sucks for you, but it IS a godsend for people who do have DHC capable teammates.

That’s fine and all but a lot of the problem characters in the game dont have that much health any way. This makes it so you can ensure Magneto/Sent/Dante/ etc can get off the screen on one hit. Other problem characters like Wolverine can’t start the DHC glitch so IMO it’s rather even playing field there. Characters that can only follow up the DHC glitch have to tag aerial combo into someone who can start it to get it to work and that’s pretty much banking on a guess to one hit kill someone. Wesker can start it but it’s like situational off a command grab and I’m sure Trish can build up more damage before the glitch starts than Wesker’s 100k damage L command grab.

Trish’s ability to set up the DHC glitch gives specific advantages that no other starter of the DHC glitch can perform. That alone makes it very powerful.

Bro I play wesker and sentinel so i can use the glitch but the damage I get from it I can do with out. I do a combo get knockdown go for mixup bam thats a dead anyone with 800,000. Its cool but i think it should not be over hyped is what im saying.

What if your mix up gets blocked and you end up dying because they blocked your mix up and killed you with a DHC glitch themselves?

I don’t understand giving up damage that could probably kill 50% off the cast off the get go and 90% of them after some wear and tear for some mix up that can be blocked/avoided.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always try to kill whenever I possibly can without relying on gimmicks/resets.

Yeah this game is way too volatile in general to not make sure you kill dudes when you hit them. If I hit Magneto with a combo and dont kill him…I’m scared as fuck. Mags is the one of of the most dangerous dudes in the game when it comes to damage output and he can one shot most characters with or without the DHC trick. That 50k health you leave Magneto with after your combo basically built him the meter so that when he hits you he can easily level 3 you or DHC glitch you if he’s not dead yet. The amount of meter your opponent builds when they get hit in this game is absurd and makes it very easy for them to come back. This glitch makes sure scary dudes like him get the one and out of there. If the glitch is good enough to make sure you can reach 900k in a combo that takes care of Sentinel who is known for trumping teams after taking a combo that doesn’t kill him.

A DHC glitch is a gimmick come on now. How did you kill people before the DHC trick? Play someone else or something. Now for the team that I use can not get 900k maybe im doing the wrong combos or something but im not getting high enough damage. Like i stated before the main problem with this is that Trish can not get a great deal of damage before the DHC trick.

On a side note im very confident in my gimmicks and reset and unblockable setups. I know the trick has uses, but for me there very small.

With Trish? I didn’t. Unless I had 3 meters. I had to rely on gimmicky stuff and resets and attempt unblockable setups. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

Trish cannot get a great deal of damage before the DHC glitch. I agree. But it’s not a reason to not look for combos that kill off the little damage she can do before the glitch. That’s how I found my kill combo with Dante. DHC glitch doesn’t necessarily = easy, lazy kill

And Wesker can definitely get 900k.

Either way, it’s not a big deal if you don’t wanna use it. Like you said, the utility isn’t the same for everyone.