Trio Linker Plus for sale (PS2/GC/DC to USB converter)

As title says. This is the original first version, not the horrible v2 that doesn’t work well at all with multiple button presses. This baby is one of the best converters I’ve ever used. Worked great with my DC and PS1 stick. Windows XP picks up the drivers instantly. No lag that I can detect, and I’m fairly suseptable to it. If you can’t find a PC Joy Box (nearly impossible), this is the next best thing. I’d like $30 shipped. You know you want it for that hot GGPO action :tup:

Bumpy. $25 shipped? Trade for a PS3 or XB360 controller?

bump? Kinda surprised no one wants this.

Well they usually go for $15 new.

The original? The v2 might…

I don’t think there was ever a price difference between the two.

Plus I think there may be better alternatives, which may explain the lack of interest thus far.

My research tells me there isn’t a better alternative for sale right now. Those Joy-Box 3-in-1 converters when available go for a shit load of cash due to their rarity.