I looked for a thread on this but couldnt fine one. Anyway, Ive recently decided to start learning how to play magneto at what I would call a high level of play. I can somewhat do the infinite and I want to learn what his main tri-jump is and how to do it. Ive never tried a tri-jump before so be detailed in explanation.:wgrin: :wgrin:

jump straight up, hold the joystick down/forward and air dash.

once u can do that then try attacking before u land from the air dash

really though, throwing an attack helps the TriJump get a little faster and smoother.

The best way to do it is probably to use the claw method and sj at first.

so, down up(forward) then hold down(forward) and input 2 punches quickly followed by an attack (hp/lk’s/hk)

cool thanks i know how to do the rom quite well so i know how to do the addf thing my main question was what is the best attack used when trijumping. Another question that has been brought to my attention is when you said to start off with a superjump. does it matter or can i just jump. also, do i have to jump up and forward or just up. Thanks alot though. PS i cant do claw method cause im playing on an xbox

Whichever one you like best, really. But if you’re using Sent-RP assist, keep in mind that more than one hit will result in flying screen if you try for the c.hp ROM setup off the RP.