Triforce game ***!

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telling Jason Wilson on AIM if we were to beat you at the Empire 5 vs. Watson 10 out of 100, that you would bring a gun and stick us up back for the money.

u sure i said this… show me a log fag. you are so full of shit. come say some shit to my face. fucken monkey. fuck you. you drop my name for no reason when i just said gg to canada. wtf does that have to do with you. if anyone reads the post they know you are the homo talking shit and bringing me up for no reason. and you boy justin, i dont like talking shit on him, cause we cool, but i beat him at ST no prob in ATL. what you got on that. you aint shit to the SF community, and you aint shit to me. you are just a punk mother fucker talking shit, and you got baited nigga. you can say what you want about me, but when the times comes, im 100% sure you wont ever say shit to my face. punk bitch. fuck your mom. good enough reason to say something to me?? i got emails of you pussying out of the whole MWC bet. you fucken prick. dont even go and say i told wilson this and that. you arent shit, you have no credibility, and wtf does cole have to do with this?? you continue to name drop for no reason. cole is my boy, and he will vouch for my ST proness indefinitely. So fuck you once again railbird. say something to my face and lets play some SF4 in the parking lot bitch. you aint man enough. talk all your talk, pay for people to be your homie. if you didnt sponsor anyone or donate cash, you would have 0 fans. take that to the bank bitch. you aint got shit. stfu, i can still win tournies granted im not the best anymore, but who gives a fuck. cause i pwn you in life and respect. and for the record, i was never SRK staff. so you need to get your stories straight. got more to bitch about, post up homo. fucken punk ass power glove cock jocking monkey.


p.s. get wilson to back your story, mr. he said she said. fuck you.

im outs!




hahaha this is sad.


here is the last email tgfm sent me regarding the MWC bet. you guys read it and take it as you may. i say he pussied out, but thats just my opinion.

From: Add to Address Book
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 16:53:02 EDT
Subject: I have to accept defeat on this one.

Sorry about this Watson, but I tried to do everything possible but it I don’t see it coming to pass. I keep pushing myself, too much and I am crushing myself trying to please everyone. I must know when to stop, before something bad happens. This has nothing to do with limits, but more to do with what is more important and what is urgent. Although it is important for Empire Arcadia to be committed to supporting the community, ECC9, took a lot out of Myself, Marvelous and the Empire as a whole…and I mean ALOT! We have to refinance and restructure our budget. There are other expenses that I have to tend to, which are more urgent that our obligation. I regretfully have to post this, but better now on the post ECC9 event. This way I can walk away with a W and a L.

I apologize to all the players and gamers that were looking forward to this event, and hope that you enjoy yourself and MWC. It will be a great tournament either way. It was a good attempt on my part but sadly…I’m not going to make it. I will make plans to try to make it up to you and all the gamers of SRK that were interested in MWC. Until then

tell me this isnt you tgfm. explain this one punk. fucken bitch, thats right, eat it.

Watson needs to be NERFED NOW!. He deals waaaay too much DMG.

PS. WATSON, my white guy with an afro is waaaaaay less homo then walburg askin people to pet his snake.

this homo thinks ive been nerfed since 2000. well guess what bitch. no matter how much they nerf me, i still punk you around like the little bitch you are, and your mom, and your fagget ass power glove. fuck you.

(homo afro ross, lol)

Take dat money watts!!!

waston is tupac

post was so powerful myspace went down.

GODDAMN!!! That post made my ears bleed…

the original triforce post in response to what watson had said after triforce dropped his name in an earlier post:

Triforce is Megatron to these niggas. :rofl: ungrateful jetison some weight astrotrain starscream ass niggas…

Damn, Watts, MY ass hurts just reading the beastage.

tfgm sucks

How can you type when it’s obvious your hands are firmly clasped around every cock in Empire? How much do they pay you to take the Donkey punch? Or do you do that willingly?

P.S. I own Watts for 50 cents in the ATL ALL DAY.

why is this in gd, shouldn’t this kind of drama belong in fgd? that post was just someone trying to act hard online and cussing a lot, not of someone beasting. gay

for real you can’t call out peoples names like that,watson did not say anything about tfgm before all of this in doing so you asking for trouble.

the same way you can still manage to eat with all 5 of your srk buddie’s cocks lodged in your esophogus. and we know you ain’t missing a meal…

i understand. i’m just posting that because ppl wouldn’t really understand where watson was coming from unless they read the original post.

Come on, Motoki. How you gonna turn around and try and use the same basic ass joke I used on you? You should have at least, AT LEAST, added “Killa” or “No homo” and it would have been half way funny.

Don’t act like shit’s not goin’ down like that, cause you know it is. You’re like the Empire Cheerleader, man. Every thread that has anything about Empire in it, you’re up in here like “HAIL OMG”.

Did they give you some power glove pompoms with that empire skirt? Get the fuck outta here.

Oh yeah, and I ain’t missin’ a meal cause your moms feeds me well. You can make cracks at my weight all you want you stupid mother fucker. I can lose weight. You’re gonna be stupid forever.

na, but they did get me a discount on a bottle of rogaine. i don’t need it but i could mail it to you for 2 dollars paypal.

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