Tried to fix 1 issue to get a new one?

Alright, when I got SFV I was kinda happy to try a new SF game, since the last I played would date back to SNES SF, closer time would have to count Capcom Vs Marvel (and 2).

I got SFV figuring most of the bugs be fixed, NOPE. Played General story, got to like Chapter 2, Act 2. Where Rashid was gonna fight Karin. The game would go into an endless black loading screen before the fight. I looked around to see what could been wrong, cause past several updates didnt fix it. So I tried to Delete it as most the net had posted.

Got it back on, updated, now Log In is grey and so is General Story. Do I have to do this again?

Also deleted my save before came here and still nothing.

Play online. Problem solved. LOL. Nah sorry dude I’m not sure what could be the issue. You may have to delete the game again and reinstall again. Probably will have to start over from scratch as well. Steam or PS4 (whichever u use) should save your CFN info so that will be there. Good luck man.