Trial 12

I’m having a hard time with Trial 12. The instructions amount to:

  1. Jump Medium Punch
  2. Fuharenjin

After executing the Jumping Medium Punch, I immediately perform the Fuharenjin (i.e. the animation begins before the Jump Medium Punch text turns from Red back to White), yet the Trial never succeeds. Surely there’s something I’m missing, but what?

…Are you sure you’re doing her super? Also, when doing trials, check out YouTube -_-;

Fairly certain. Quarter Circle Back, Quarter Circle Back + Light Kick. Looks the same as the YouTube video by VesperArcade I found.

Okay, I figured out the issue. Apparently I must perform a Forward Jump to Medium Punch rather than a Neutral Jump to Medium Punch.

jumping MP is an air juggle whereas neutral jump MP is not

I’m stuck on the last 3 myself, 22-24 are hard as hell.

Trial 22: activate FSE then chain normals into EX pin wheel; you only want one hit from c.HK. You can plink the c.HP at the end.
Trial 23: focus cancel the fireball as soon as you release and release the focus as soon as it reaches level 2. Dash forward (or not) and U2. Or back dash, EX dive kick and then U2 for added swag.
Trial 24: I hold the LK fireball with my thumb and the MK fireball with my middle or pointer finger then use my ring finger for the HK and HP. You can perform the parts after MK fireball without carpal tunnel finger bending. For the focus cancel, you can hold it to level 2 same as the previous trial, though that isn’t what’s intended.

What does plink mean? I’m new to AE and thanks for advice.

Google plinking for a full explanation but essentially if you tap a button and then hit a lower priority button it’ll put the higher button in twice giving you an extra frame to land your attack.

you dont have to plink anything, just time it. its a normal old one frame link.

If you mean cl.HP after EX senpusha, it’s not a 1 frame link. That one usually completely relies on the character since some characters fall alot slower (e.g. Balrog) than others (Sagat, Shotoes, Gen)

True sorry. But this combo isn’t really used, so I didn’t care to remember it. When I run through the trials every now and again I just time it as a 1 frame link, since it’s Dan we are dealing with.

So I’m on the last trial for Juri. For the L fug release, ex focus attack do you have to do a crumple or l fug release fadc dash? If it is a crumple, how many frames do you have to hold it in for?

You release fireball, ex focus (hold it), watch Juri and right when she flashes white you release focus and dash forward out of it.