Tri jump h/s

hey guys, I’m having a tough time doing a tri jump h/s. I can do tri jump l fine but the other two don’t come out in time. Any tips?

Not to patronise with this but, are you super jumping? Because H and S need time to start up and become active, H being quicker to start up than S by a noticable margin. Generally, you need to super jump high enough so that when you come down, your normal is becoming active right as you get close to the ground/opponent.

lol sorry. I saw a match of someone tri jumping with S but it looked like a normal jump. I guess they were doing it at the lowest height possible.

Tri jumps use super jumps. Super jumps are faster and get you a little higher. As soon as you super jump air dash diagonally.

you can square jump with h and s without super jumping but its not as effective.

Yeah this is pretty much useless now that you cant block while air dashing. His is too slow and doesnt cover much ground. Tri Jumping is faster and allows for better high low mixups. Only real use maybe with a low hitting assist (you could just jump tho) or against someone that doesnt know how to play yet.