Tri-Cities "Need To Get Together More Often" Thread

People, we gotta get together more often. Be it 3rd Strike or Marvel or Guilty Gear (which is basically if you want to learn it).

3S players, we need to get organized again like we used to. Gotta start doing the 3S every Saturday again.

Marvel players, Laser Tag place next to Chuck E. Cheese has our cabinet so we need to play there.

Post whenever you guys want to meet up (if you guys even post here anymore), especially you RAAAAAAAAAAAAAUL because its hard to get a hold of you these days.

These times are hard without an arcade but we have to keep fighting. Ikuze!

you guys were real good, knew your stuff pretty well when I played you all, so you should all keep playing so the whole scene can get better, get back in there people!

We try to play at least once a week here in Portland so if we ever have another 3s tourney you guys can come and kick our fucking scrub asses. So play!

yea we need to set up a once a week thing but curtis never likes to he works to much

Thanks for the props. I’m hoping to get people to go to the Marvel/Tekken tourney on the 18th. Hopefully, that works out since everyone here is fascinated by your guys’ Necro.

Adam: If you could, try to spread the word to the TC Marvel players about this thread. And we don’t have to not play Marvel if Curtis can’t. We could still get everyone else who wants to play and hit up Laser Tag. Less being raped involved with that.

Keep our scene alive people.

yea i know but dont know how to get a hold of some of them and aroun usally doesnt have money but i think hes down for the tourny

Hey what up fooz
Hey its Aroun, even if curtis doesn’t show, there’s still going to be raping on Marvel! :wgrin:

Yeah I’m always down to play Marvel or 3rds i’m just usually too broke( unemployed):sad:

But yeah the scene will grow, the more we play. I’ll try and get my brother to go some time he’s good at marvel too.

So does anyone know anything about a tourney HERE atleast?

Who’s down for marvel? For 3rds and where?

Well i’m usually online so keep me updated

How much do you think i’ll need for the portland tourny?

No idea when we’ll have a tourney here. I talked to the owner of the Laser Tag place and he said we could run Marvel but nothing on the tvs (no console tourney), so 3S is out of the question. Now we just gotta get everyone to show up again.

I’m down for any game. Usually, Raul gives me a random call and we end up playing 3S at my place. What we used to do when it was warm was play in Raul’s garage every Saturday. Hopefully, we’ll do that again when it gets warmer. Recently, we went to Dave’s to play 3S since he has the cabinet sitting in his living room. I’ll post up here whenever we decide to play some 3S.

And for the Portland tourney, you’ll probably need…$20-30? $3 for Marvel, $3 for T5:DR if you play T5, $10 (or less) money for gas (depends on how many of us are going), $8 or so for food money, then money for casuals. And money for pay as you play.

I hear GameStop’s trade-in value for Marvel PS2 is $24. If anyone has that (I do :arazz:), there’s a few bucks you could use.

And please, if ANYONE (I mean it) ANYONE you meet wants to learn a game, teach them some stuff. I regret not teaching everyone that came up to the 3S cabinet when we had the arcade, even though I didn’t know as much as I do now.

And remember, pho is damn good.

3rd Strike tonight at Dave’s. Most likely at 7 P.M.

Forgot to add. Guilty Gear too.

hit me up

Sorry I had my phone off Adam. Next time we play will be Sunday at Dave’s. Probably at 7 again. If we don’t end up playing at Dave’s, it’ll probably be at my place. Just call me up on Sunday and I’ll either show you the way to Dave’s or tell you we’re playing at my place.

alright that sounds good i dont play 3s to much but ill play it anyway

Updated time at Dave’s house is gonna be around 3ish p.m. on Sunday.

Mike’s gonna bring his PS2 with Guilty Gear, so for sure there will be 2 games going on. If there are Marvel players that show up, I’d expect we’d have that running also.

Alright change of plans. It’ll be at 3 PM Sunday. If you can’t make it then but later then give me a call (I’ll have my phone up loud this time) and I’ll pick you up or show you the way there.

Edit: Damn nevermind then. Someone already posted haha. The thing with Marvel is that we don’t really have sticks for it. I don’t think anyone wants to play on pad. So not sure about that.

Feel like playing some #R tonight at all?

Hmm, I can’t get that game out of my head, lol.

Nah I got some other stuff to do tonight.

Hey Mike, sorry, but do you think maybe you might be able to give me a ride to Dave’s house tomorrow? If you can’t, it’s all good though, I think I can work something out with my mom.

what sn belong to who cus i know mikes, arouns, curtis and thats it now. this is adam

My name’s Chris. I’m mainly a 3s player, Urien is my specialty.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with how good Guilty Gear is though, lol.

If you see Flash Chop post here, that is Raul.

thx for letting me know im mainly a marvel player but i like to play 3s and i had cesaer show how to play gg awhile back so i kinda know how to play that to

Yeah, Adam, if you’re not doing anything today, you should come play at Dave’s house today also. The more players, the merrier. Lol