Traveling with stick

Hey guys

just had a quick question, how do you guys usually travel with your stick? I don’t want to put it in my checked luggage cause im sure it will get bashed. Has anyone had any problems at security carrying it on the plane?

Im going to have like 6 weeks back at home with an actual good internet connection and nothing really to do, so i figured id get as much sfv time in as i can, and id rather bring my stick back than just a pad.

check out the stickies here

They took my stick and put me in jail :cry:

Yeah i lost two sticks to airport security goig to EVO 2014. Never doing that shit again. Save yourself some time and legal headaches and just buy a stick at the tournament

I dress left.

^ Still gonna lose to 1st dude at evo :coffee:

That was quick.

cant lose if i cant play

What kind,and how did this go down?

I’ve never had to travel on a plain with my stick, but ive taken a scattered shit ton of electronics through TSA twice. Ive heard the stories of dumbass tsa people in vegas taking peoples shit.

I imagine if you even at least just break your stick down, put it in a separate bin like you would do a laptop, they would have little to say. It has less intricate parts than a laptop, and we let them through ALL THE TIME, no questions asked.

I cant imagine a scenario where tsa takes my stick. Let alone 2 of them,and i do not speak to a manager to simply explain the device. You cant legit argue against a stick, but you will let through a desktop computer, laptops, cellphones, tablets, as much cable and other electronic equipment as you want.

Did you have like some ghetto nig rig mas shit or something? lol

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You live in the US? Just take the stick apart and put it in one of those gun cases and store it on your carry-on.

I always travel through Europe with my stick in my luggage (not the one you have to check-in and gets put in a special place in the plane, but a suitcase you just take with you on the plane itself) and never have any problems. They do ask a lot of questions about it though, but they always just let me board with it on the plane.

I would never let them confiscate my stick, I would fight them to the death.

naw i live in asia, going back to canada. security over here is pretty lax. but they are also pretty stupid, so you never know whats going to happen.

its been an incredible test of patience

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Just put your stick inside your hijab.

Just give them silent treatment like you did in mafia against me. I don’t know what will happen to your stick but security will likely start drawing lime green penises on everything.

I usually go the other way and argue with them no stop exploiting the fact they don’t speak english, until they get frustrated and just let me do whatever i want.