Transvestite rapes dog in the moat of English castle


Transvestite had sex with a dog in the moat of an English heritage castle

And no, I am NOT going to post pics of ‘her’.


just the thread title alone made me laugh


i slept late, i guess the punishment is these words being the first things i read today.

The title of this thread it just…I was…i have no idea…wow


The thread title says it all.

hopefully he told them to “keep their bitch on a leash”

This takes the concept of ‘dogging’ to a new level

man everyday the internet proves my theory that I have already seen or heard the most fucked up thing, wrong

Of course he had to do it at the castle or it would have been uncivilized…

LOL you dont love me, you love my doggy style!

Look tbh I was hoping for some intelligent debate about this subject. If this was 2001 people would have posted strategies and tips on how to manage this without getting caught. FFS 2k9ers.

Is it wrong to love a dog?

poor dog, should have minded his own business.

Okay, we as humans have serious…serious, deep issues. I mean COOOMMMEEEE OOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!!

goddamn furries. lol
6 billion plus people on the planet, there’s at least one person RIGHT NOW with his dick in a poor, defenseless caribou’s ass

As usual, another bigoted, uneducated remark against members of the furry fandom.

This man was engaging in beastility, not engaging in a consensual sexual act with another homo sapien as both pretend to be their inner animal

if it’s not your dog, yep…but if it chased you down then it probably wanted it.

I bet the dog was dressed like it wanted it.

Bitch was asking for it dressed all nude like that, IMO :coffee:

That’s exactly what I said too… out loud.

I played Furcadia for years and I have to say that almost all of the people on there were completely fucked up and perverted. You dress up as an animal. Okay. Well guess what? A lot of people who dress up as animals have sex with each other.

Oh, and their “inner animal”