Translation? Mov, KSK, nuki, etc

can someone translate this? MOV and KSK plays MK?


blind and gdlk!

lol man that shit is oold and its still funny. the blind kid won some mk thing they flew him to japan to play all these people in mk, but those dudes have never played mk before that hahaha.

I think it’s a tale of just how crappy mortal kombat really is. So easy, a blind man can play it.

holy crap here i thought he was just mentally ill… thanks for the clarification!!!

how the fuck?? THIS GUY IS MK STEVIE WONDER!!!

This kid went to my high school. Lincoln East

LOL it’s the cracker version of Zatoichi.

that’s the full version. i guess he really is blind.

he is, iirc the story is all about the joke of ksk mov etc pretending to be the geniuses of mk and playing this guy, though most of em have never touched the game.

he is gifted. he is the white zatoichi:pray:

I must have totally been out of it to have missed this gem. Funny stuff and impressive on some level no matter how much you point out the obvious.

haha, Kokujin’s expression during the vid in the OP was hilarious.

This dude was on the Today show a long while ago. Anyone who’s blind and can play fighting games is destined for greatness.

yo what his name man!! I WANNA BE HIS FRIEND!!!

Who were the three players that beat him?

as for translating im not sure exactly but mov said something like "itll be a little dangerous (not sure who for) i wish him and me good luck"
ksk said something similar and after ksk walked back to the staging area nuki said “aren’t you supposed to be the best in japan!?” or something to that effect.
that might not be 100% accurate but thats what i could get out of it.

that was awesome!!! and does any one know what the 25 - 22 - 3 was?

That video is hilarious.:lol: