Transitioning from Casuals to Competitive (UMvC3/FGC majors)

Well first off, I have a deep love for the fighting game community. I’ve been a casual on the scene now for some 10+ years. I’ve enjoyed the deep culture of the FGC and the growth throughout media like SRK, Majors, and streams. I want this thread to be a place where people can speak about their experiences and thoughts.

Just go and get your ass beat. You’ll get better.

Indeed I did my friend I lost to viscant in top 32 1-3, with the last 3 being completely free, to his hagar mix-ups

Yeah I noticed you from SRK when you were there, good effort :slight_smile:

I went to my first weekly tournament last month in London, my first opponent was Zak Bennett! Needless to say I didn’t make it out of pools (I also had Howtoread in my pool, forget Viewtiful Joe, nobody told me about XFLv3 X-23 ! lol). 0-2 against those two, I also won a match and lost my other matches 2-1 and reversed. I enjoyed it though, the way I see it is unless I’m the best, or using the best team :::Cough:::any combination of Zero, Vergil, Morrigan or Dr Doom:::Cough::: I can’t expect to take the whole tournament lol.

I noticed that the predominant style of play in tourney’s here is keepaway, though Zero gets a bit of love. There were no Wolverines there to my knowledge o_O I wasn’t really nervous but I was more reserved than my usual self but I got comfortable towards the end. People were generally cool but they took matches to heart lol.

I’ll be back this Thursday, and there’s a major happening here shortly after Evo which I shall be attending. I’ve switched my team up, hopefully I can keep improving :smiley:

Outta curiosity, how’d ya take that win?

Well, that’s a hell of a 1st opponent lol, one of the best UMVC3 players in the world. It’s ok to get bodied by someone of that calibur though :slight_smile: