Transition between SF4 and SFV


I have been playing sf4 since the day it came out and i play on stick.
I can play the game pretty decently: Comboing, linking, and footsies.

However everytime i play this game i keep getting bodied without knowing how i lost and how top actually improve.
Just getting beat what i can sense are mashed normals and standing fierce buttons that are either way to safe or have stupid amount of hitstun that leads into me getting a free crossup on me.

Also whenever i win a match i feel mad confused because i can’t honestly say: Yo i outplayed him that match or gg cause this game seems so randomly slow at some times and then illogically fast.

I also find that my excution is according to sfv pretty all over the place since i cant do simple jump in combos into super: Birdie jump roundhouse into stand mp into mp bull head into super.
Crouch medium kick into hadoken into super seems impossible at the moment.

is the cancel window specially tight in this game? Are real hit confirms a thing of the past? any drills i can do so i can improve?

It feels so annoying being able to play sf4 decent enough to say that you know your matchups and you can actually stand a chance, then coming to sf5 and get bodied because you think after a push out blockstring laura either goes into overhead or mashes crouch roundhouse and is safe.

can you show your match footage?

from what i’m reading if you’re getting hit by meaty fierce attacks, you’re probably hitting buttons on wakeup and getting frametrapped. it will put you in a “crush counter” state leading to more damage. as far as execution, i’m not sure why you’re struggling, input leniency and linking is actually easier in this game than sf4 imo. since the game is still young, don’t be too discouraged with matchups. best advice…try the characters you’re having trouble with to get a better understanding of their tools and what you can punish. i initially loathed playing against rashids, but i went in the lab and played rashid for a little bit to get a better understanding of his gameplan. hope this helps a little

#1 the footsies of sf4 occured at the light kick/light punch range because focus attack made medium and hard attacks risky and rapid fire lights could stuff focus attacks.
#2 In SF4 if two moves hit on the same frame they traded regardless of strength
In SFV medium punck/Kick is the new footsie range. with the return of “priority” even if a light and medium attack hit on thesame frame, the medium has the priority and beats it with you also eating a counter hit. Because of crushcountersyou have to be careful of wiffing special moves now.

I don’t see what the problem is. Combos are much easier in SFV and both of the combos you’ve listed above are common in SF4. I don’t play Ryu, but I’m 99% sure that combo is exactly the same as in SF4. If you’re decent at those things in SF4, you should be equally decent at those types of combos in SFV.

No, they are not. not even close. The feel is way different. Even other things make SFV Ryu a totally different character than SFIV Ryu SFIV you could cancel cr. lk, link cr. MK x2, link cr. mp into cr. mk,

Can´t show you any match footage, just have trouble understanding the linking system in this game. The cancel window seems abnormally small for combo´s you need to preform so fast.

Turn on key display, set the dummy to random block and practice your hit confirms.
If you can’t get out cr.MK xx Hado xx CA, then your execution is bad and you should check where you go wrong.

The cancel windows are pretty much the same as SFIV, the only thing that changed is the CA shortcut and the hit stop in this game.
If you skip d or f in either of the qcfs, you wont get CA.

Game speed is slower than the other…

You don’t cancel moves when you link them.