Transformers TV/Movie Thread - WAR FOR CYBERTRON: EARTHRISE (A Netflix Original) Streaming Dec 30!

IGN has confirmed that he’s out. Along with one of the main TF fan sites following suit in the post.

While Bay does have a certain visual style that works for these types of movies, I think that another director is great 4 movies in. This will be more akin to the soft reboot that the franchise needs IMO.

So, Optimus Prime may finally lose the flames. Let the thread begin!

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I’m still suspicious. Didnt he say he was leaving after DOTM and then came back?

Yeah he said after Pain and Gain he was recharged to make another TF movie.

Same writer apparently. So we might not see a neon blue sky and blazing sun, the girls may not be jackoff-in-the-theater material, a a bicycle slamming into a gasoline truck won’t set off a mushroom cloud 'splosion… but the story will still be idiotic, Deceps will still get cheap deaths, Prime will still look like a mass murdering sociopath.

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Series will remain shit unless Furman or somebody from IDW starts writing.

I don’t think the world is ready for Roberts to write stuff on the big screen

Just gimme G1 series bots, and setup Unicron by the third movie. Stop introducing new big bad’s every fucking movie, please.

I hope Steve Jablonsky is still in the production. I like the music he composed for the movies. I really would be excited if they did a new writing team.

…staaahp…stop raping the corpse of my childhood

stop holding your childhood in such high nostalgic regard. it sucked.

no bay means the movies will take themselves too seriously and not have the sick action and funny jokes and hot babes. im out too

My childhood was awesome. Go home and practice some Roll infinites or something.

Don’t assume people don’t actually understand how bad the things they grew up with actually were. Even the worst episodes of G1 have better writing than a Bayformer flick. Even the one that focused on Wheelie.

So looks like Mark Wahlberg will be back for the next movie. To be honest, his role makes a lot more sense than Shia’s. You have a scientist that at least understands their side of things. I wonder if this will lead up to the “-master” technology from G1.

Actors are nice, but it’s the story and direction news that are moreso the case to make or break the movie (unless they bring his daughter or Irish Shia back into the mix).

watched some G1 cartoons. Still dope.

Not directly related to Transformers 5, however we may be getting a pre-quel cinematic film based on Cybertron

Too bad the bot designs are going to have to be influenced by what has come previously.

Transformers - THE DECADE!

Hasbro has now confirmed at least 4 movies in the next 10 years. That includes movies 5, 6, 7, and 8

I want to be excited, but with the way the Tranformers market is right now (figure-wise) and how some other movie decisions were made, it just sounds like a soul-less cash grab. I could be wrong, but there hasn’t really been a great/ mindblowing Transformers movie yet (yes that includes the 1986 one). I watch them, and “enjoy” them, but I want something to have me shed man-tears once it is over. With the exception of the Beast Wars, so many stories in print media have blown the socks off of anything produced in animated G1 and/or the movie

This… will not end well.

I am all about this saga, but this is ridiculous. I just hope that this next wave of movies have a beginning and end. I really hate that everything has become a franchise. Put some good stuff out and stop focusing on how to stretch a dollar for 25 years.

Transformers 1 came out in 2007. The last movie called for in this franchise will be 2025. A Person that was 7 when that movie came out will be 25 when this is done. The franchise itself will be 41 years old. I fear that anyone in their mid 20s- early 30s will be the last generation to understand what “nostalgia feels” actually are.


Not holding my breath for anything. I’m still dissapointed that transformer toys areent as clean as gundams.

Check out some of the Masterpiece line. There are some gems within the line up. Yeah, they lack paint in some regards, but the engineering required to take a vehicle and change it into a robot with solid articulation is a pretty solid feat that is has over the Gunpla builds. Love the design or hate it, the Leader Class Optimus Prime mold from Revenge of the Fallen has to be the most detailed mainline transformer release we have ever gotten. APS-01 and APS-01U are the versions that show how truly awesome that figure is.

The only thing that could make this news really terrible is announcing that Bay is the director for them all. I really want to see someone new in the chair this time.

Bay just got a guaranteed retirement check.