Training mode shortcuts

In training mode you can set up shortcuts such as to reset the game, or alter different settings on the fly. I’d really like to set some of these up, but the indicators are off…

For starters - the game assumes because I’m on a PC that I would be using an XBox controller… It gives notations such as xbox AB/XY even though on pc it is nm/gh which was a bit frustrating as I was setting up my fight stick with joy2key already… So finding out which buttons the game wanted giving notation for a controller that was not hooked up was already a visible flaw.

Now it gets worse - in the shortcuts it has locked configuration for which key is for which shortcut, and some of them use the right analog stick…

Now my arcade stick has (as mode do) a switch that can set it between left stick, right stick, and d pad… but this would only work natively with a 360 controller (and even then be awkward for a fight stick).

I was able to find out through trial and error where the keys on the keyboard were for fighting, but I cannot seem to find the right analog stick. I fear it may not be able to be assigned…

So I’m reaching out - does anyone know what on the keyboard is bound to the right analog stick of a controller? Or is the game gimped for assuming I use xbox controllers?

(And seriously, considering how much street fighter is pushed on ps3 and ps4, and with st5 being ps4 and pc only… Why is anything on the pc assuming I own anything xbox?)
(Especially considering xbox controllers previously did not work on pc, rather the ps3 hori always worked on pc -_- I was under the impression ps3 were the better controllers for pc anyway)

Pretty sure the exact opposite (with the exception of the Hori thing) has always been true.

Wanted to follow up in my thread - after some research and trying several programs, I have found one that worked perfectly for me.

It is x360ce

Not only did this program allow me to set up my controller, it does not need to be run independently of the game. You put it in the game folder (for steam this was in the C:\SteamC\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\StreetFighterV\Binaries\Win64 for a c installation) and when you run the game, the support is automatically included.

You do need to have the controller plugged in before you run the game, and you will run the x360ce in the game folder to set up your stick (you only need to do this once for each stick)

It supports 2 players AND it includes support for the right analog stick (for those training mode shortcuts)

I had an RF board ripped from a 360 and soldered up diodes and wires to connect to my pc, and that worked fine in SFIV for years.
At the end of the day PC’s are PC’s because they run Windows. Which is Microsoft, which makes Xbox. It’s going to be all in there.

I think perhaps that is true for recent history, perhaps when windows live launched things changed. Back when I bought my Hori there were no windows compatible xbox controllers. It was either xbox for xbox360 only, or ps3 / pc combo stick.

I have learned with sf5 on pc that since windows live, windows has indeed linked the xbox controllers into windows, to the point there developers don’t include button bindings, assuming you’re playing with an xbox stick. sf5 menus and cues are all in xbox controller symbols. Threw me for a loop when it said “press x” and I had to press b <_<

Regardless - the answer was posted above. I hope anyone else seeking a resolution to this issue finds my input helpful :slight_smile: