Training drills

Recently read this thing

It’s something to look at even if you are familiar with psychology and how your mind learns. It’s a good refresher or an insightful read.

So, Day one: Forward, down, down forward [aka DP].
Beginners: Put in your 2D game of choice and pick a character with a DP motion. Doesn’t matter if you connect, just do the move over and over till you can perform it 10 times in a row without fail. You’re halfway done. Do it facing the other direction [or maybe you have a character that has a backwards DP, like Ken in cvs 2.] till you can do it 10 times in a row. Now your done.

Intermediate: Do the above, and when you’re done with that, put in Tekken 6 if you have it. Practice wave dashing [Forward, slight pause, down, down forward], till you can successfully go from the edge of the screen to directly in front of the opponent 3 times in a row. Now practice the other side.

Combo into a DP motion in a 2D fighter from a crouching attack till you can do it ten times in a row.

pat yourself on the back and go enjoy your day.

Extra credit. Play Megaman X [psp or snes, doesn’t matter]. Get the hadouken and when you fight Vile the 2nd time hit him with 100 hadoukens. [This is actually how I used to train to do qcf when I was younger and didn’t have streetfighter. I’d see how long I could make the fight with Vile last by spamming hadoukens.]

Anyone else have any good training drills. Feel free to post them.

Here’s a drill-

  1. Read this thread.
  2. Now realize why there was hate for 09ers 2-3 years ago.
    It’s not because people really care which year you opened your account in but for the fact that 90% of the times a post from a new user was just horrible.
    Some may think that scaring people away back to gamefaqs etc. is a bad thing, I can only imagine how many idiots would be still hanging around here if it wasn’t for that. People need tough love in order to elevate themselves, or else they’ll never have a reason to.

You don’t have many friends irl do you?

My personal favorite way to train.
Start with the warm ups [usually ten repetitions of each motion involved in said game]
Then onto what I'm trying to learn [most recently a taunt combo with deadpool, that ends in the quick work loop (cr.l cr.m cr.h, taunt, s, m m h, jump, mhs, failed teleport, air HHtrigger, xfc, katanarama H, chimichangas, cr.m cr.h, taunt, m quick work, m quick work, m quick work, etc. etc.)].
So, ground work first. I don't really use deadpool a whole lot and his launch is funny because of his cr.h.. So I do this till I can do it 10x times in a row without fail [the lmh taunt s]. Then it's the next portion. While working on the next portion if I mess up the first part I do 20 push-ups. After I can do the air part without fail 10x. There are push ups involved with that too. etc. etc.. till I can do the whole thing and I've gotten a decent work-out as well. Decent enough that I don't want to do any more push-ups and I'm doing the combo more precise. I keep it going till I can do the combo itself 10x without fail.
At the end I reward myself with a beer.
So, in the article above it mentions chucking and how to break up your combo into chunks of info to remember. Also repetition and making sure after you've completed a task to make sure you can keep doing it. The OP is a drill for people who don't really play many fighting games or people who need to brush up on basic inputs.

What is the point of this post? Like, seriously: What is your goal with this; How did you intend the flow of conversation to go, and what did you hope to end up with in this thread? Genuinely curious.

I do belive that he is explaning training drills. Duh right? Problem is that the initial thread isn’t focused. Like reading a freshman college students first APA paper if they did not pay attention to there teachers instruction on how to do so. (I am totally refering to myself when I was in college.) It runs right into the topic without an appropriate flow. (Maybe a troll post?)

If this is a legitimate post though, I think that most people do what you are talking about. Learn this move 10 times and switch. Can’t think of any other way to do it.