Training Advice

I’m some what in between a beginner and an intermediate player. The reason why I’m posting today is because I want to find out how to up my overall performance and become a better player. My problem is that I don’t know what area of my game I should work on to increase my skills. I come across all these different tactics and tutorials online on different aspects of the game, i.e footsies, zoning, combos, etc… but I don’t know where to start training.

Would anyone be able to set out a training regiment or essentially a list of areas of the game to train in that I can practice daily to up my skills?

I main as Akuma just a FYI.

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

We/I can’t judge your general performance with out a video.

Footsies is something you just need to be able to read your opponent and/or train him/her to do what you want(ie jump, srk ect…)
Zoning is kinda the same thing but it’s the general thought of the total space you control at a time

Combos are a lot easier to train. Depending on your skills level you can start with
basic 2in1s example xx fireball

then move into links cr.lp, xx lk.tatsu, hp.srk

Once you have your basic skill set down you want to move onto hit confirming. Turn the training dummy on random block and practice the moves/combos If the dummy blocks the first hit don’t continue the combo. If the dummy gets hit continue on with the combo.

Some people say do each combo 100 time till you get 60/100. Basically this part comes down to the commitment your willing to put towards the game.

You should try to cover each one of those things you listed and one at a time. If you try to categorize which is more important, you’ll only end up going crazy and having the urge to quit the game right then and there.

It’s an important skill to be able to recognize for yourself what you need to work on. It can help if you have a teacher to point you in the right direction, but you need to develop the ability to analyze your own game. It’s kind of hard for people online to arbitrarily tell you “hey work on footsies.” I doubt you even understand the importance of them, or what they are right now.