Trading with EX blast?


Nice video, never realized this even though I used it often :stuck_out_tongue:
Was good to see the example with Rufus too, I’m always trading ex-blast in the corner but only use it to get out about 50% of the time.

if you see what this move can punish you will be amazed

i was playing with a friend , and he said " WTF this needs nerf " 5 start up frames :smiley:

I must admit this trick works most of times, but if Zangief’s is very deep, you could not be safe vs his U1 (worst case because it’s 0 startup). So it depends on opponent’s height. Please make some test versus Rufus/akuma divekicks and other opponent’s jumpin (Barlog and Fei). It should be safe but I would need a second human player to test it.

gore add me we can test it out