Trading Outlet now requires 6 months if you want to post in it

I’ve adjusted some settings to enforce via board software the 6 month requirement on the Trading Outlet in order to post in the that subforum. This should be transparent to all users: nobody should notice anything. Please let me know if you’re unable to post in it but should be able to.


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Awesome, good work. No Seriously, thats good news to me.

I’m unable to post or reply to anything in the trading outlet. I’ve had several successful transactions in the past. Any ideas?

You should be good now.

Thank you!

Hello! I meet all of the criteria to post on the trading outlet, but I’m still not able to create any threads. Any chance that can be fixed? Thank you!

manually fixed

I’m unable to post in trading outlet. I’m registered here since several years now.
Thank you.