Trading Outlet and Techtalk would appreciate more than 1 picture

I made a post in the trading outlet and it only let me post one picture per post. I think that limit should be raised.

I have not tested the image tag in tech talk, but it would be difficult to post a tutorial or illustrate a solution with out posting multiple pictures.

Yep just tested it in tech talk. So using img tags, I can only use them once. I would think that for tech talk that would be a high priority.

speaking of trading outlet, will the buyer/seller feedback be restored, or do we start from scratch? i cant seem to locate it in the control panel or anywhere.

It cant go by forum, its global, I upped it to 5 for now. Let me know how it works out now.

The feedback is still in the database somewhere, if i can be converted over via itrader, we will do it, otherwise might have to start over.

Thanks Wiz. It definitely is better, but now I am scared to update some threads if new info or technology develops.
I wrote I think 2 or 3 long ass illustrated tutorial threads that a lot of people refer to for multi console stick modding. With a 5 picture limit I won’t be touching them at all.

For example these threads probably have up to 30-50 pictures per post.

As of right now, a lot of the cross links to other SRK threads in those tutorials need updating, but don’t want to edit something that could potentially break what is already on there.

I know that 50 is asking a lot especially for people spamming, but I don’t want to try editing an existing post with more than 5 pictures only to have to delete the pictures to update it.

Edit: I actually counted the images posted in each post and the largest post had about 30 images. If I had 40 images I would be able to update them for the community, but until then the community will have to deal with broken links and using google.

I sure hope all that itrader info from people’s files can be recovered, gonna suck for people that had 78+ feedback to lose everything.

I understand this feature’s intention but it’s going to do more harm then help. We regularly have tutorial threads in Tech Talk with 15+ images.

ok ive upped it to 50, but if i see abuse elsewhere, ill have to drop it back down.

Thanks Wiz.

I’m in San Mateo and need help fixing a TE Round 2 for the PS3. MadCatz said it needs a new PCB. Think you can help? I’m willing to compensate.

Lol random. Ask Madcatz to ship you a replacement or go lurk Tech Talk for help.

any update on the XenTrade/iTrader stuff? i understand if its not top priority, since there’s other things that need tweaking.

the guys who mod it is, is being nonresponsive, I can only move as fast as he moves.

Guys, I want to sell my Razr Atrox & get a Hori RAP4 for PS4. I have TE2, but I modded. However, it always feels loose when I play with it. Any ideas?