Traded: Mint Condition VSHG with box and revision

As the title says have vshg for sale with box

Asking price 190 shipped to USA and CANADA. thanks

Sorry guys at the moment im not looking for trades only cash.

Thanks to all who responded to my post. I traded my vshg plus cash for hss-0130

Oh MAN is this tempting! meus, good luck with the sale! I’d pick it up off your hands, but I’m lacking in cash and as a Seimitsu stick user, buying a stick without any ability to mount an LS-32 would be preposterous! I think I recognize this stick though; was it from that eBay auction a while back where the guy was selling this stick with a few blue colored scuff marks near the top of the stick?

Making more room for Namcos Meus? :bgrin:

I was contemplating buying one yesterday even though I don’t have a ps3! Then I talked myself out of it lol.

I just think they look amazing. Makes me wish I did have a PS3.

Goodluck with the sale!

Hop on this shit kids!
It won’t last!

get it people! you won’t regret!

Thanks net i do have offer already but i had to prove the buyer that there isnt any blue marks on top of the stick.


Oh, my bad meus! I didn’t want people thinking that you were selling something bad or anything. Just that I noticed what looked like scuff marks in the first images you posted and thought back to a Virtua Stick High Grade auction I saw on eBay with similar small scuffs.

Sorry if it potentially lost you customers; I’ll get rid of my post if you want me to. :sweat:

I’ve been looking for one of these. What is the history of the stick? Are you the first owner? Why are you selling the best stick ever made?

i had buyer and ready to pay but he read ur post so wanted to c the blue scuffs. So i showed him some pics and waiting for response back.

The stick is awesome and in mint conditon. im not the first person but the second owner. Reason im selling i have 3 of this stick and i dont need 3. im happy with 2 vshg. im trying to save money to buy hss-0130.

good luck with the sale. I’d pick this up but saving cash for a 2p panel.

Any trades, This is what i have.

i might trade vshg but nothing is sure yet

Namco stick for it? :smiley:


i dont know what to do with u jeen

pmed back

have you gotten my recent pm meus? I WANT THIS STICK

i got it now. But like i said earlier i had trade for it and the buyer wants the stick and he had pmed before u.


Got any BNIB to get rid of Serg?

no bnib only Lbnib but not for sale.

Stick was traded for hss