Tourny at Game on friday night....Baton Rouge

Randon tourny at Game On

1st. Patrick(Vegita-x) Rogue/Storm/Tron
2nd. Demtrius…Strider/Doom/Capcom
3rd. Dakota…Sprial/Cable/Sentinel
4th. Irvan…Cable/Sentinel/Cyc
5th. Psyfactor… MSP
5th. Tim… don’t remenber

Nice tourny eventhough it was last minute.
See u all on the 27.


Pat, i swear you should just suck it up and start playing sentinel(it’s not like every match he has is cake, cable…)

btw, stop beasting out that way…2 tourneys now is it? lol i was off saying she’d never win:lol: :o :stuck_out_tongue:

hey mixup this is divine rick’s homeboy i wanted to play u one on one i think i can take u i will in the tourney that rick is hosting but i want a little fight before then

Hell no, Sentinel is a scrub character :lol:


I’d be more than happy to play you, i’m getting alot of this now…i’ll jus put em 2 and out…ask soo about the hotel:p

for some odd reason i can’t send or access my pm’s so email me at when u get in town also i will b in gainesville real soon so hit me up

Hey Mike…I wasn’t there!!!That explains it all!!

I will never use that cheap as nigga unless it is casual play and then I only use magneto/storm/sentinel to just get warmed up. I like sentinel rocket punch assist that’s all. I try to win without even getting to him. Say mike r u going to the texas tourny if not I’m going to try to go to midwest r u going? O yeah mike u should play rahassan he’s gotten a lot better but its only his sentinel u would have to worry. I starting to beat him more and more because if we play from 1:00pm till 2:00am sentinel is on everyone team, playing fucking chris/duane/rahsaan and roy for 12 hours straight. Playing nothing but sentinel every match and me just using my team the whole time…it ain’t fucking easy I tell u that. Even chris plays sentinel now:(
Holla at u late.


hahahahaha sentinel is the backbone now, gotta keep with the times!

I’m not sure whats the next tourney i’m heading out to, i’d like to check out the texas/seattle/chicago scenes sometime really.

I really want to see whats up with your rogue now seeing all of the sent practice she’s been getting(you know i been practicin the robot!)

Oh and ORG has always been a beast, he just talks better than he plays…

I never forgot the spiral/sent/cyc education i got when i first went to N.O…:stuck_out_tongue: thank god for guard cancel…

Lol@Pat…Not all the Times…just some when Im tired!!!lolz…
He’s not as fun as Mag,Storm But he gets the Job done!!!So Ohwell!!:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Your going to see the Light sometime Pat…:smiley: :smiley: