Tourney Play

i’m about to enter my first tourney in a couple days and i was wonder what you guys normally do in casual that you don’t do in tourneys that i should be aware of

You Use Yun Right?
The Best Advice I Can Give You
Is Too Focus At A 100 Porcent

And Believe Me
Its Really Hard To Do That When You Consider You Are About To Loose A Round

Keep You Mind Calm And Pure, Focus In What Is Important :clap:

And Im Serious Man, If You Focus Good Enough
You Dont Need Advices To Play As Your Char
Just Focus :slight_smile:

what the otehr guy said - plus just relax. if you play relaxed you play to your full potential. if you’re all uptight you’ll panic and make mistakes.

good luck

blocking = garbage
parry = good
red parry = better
unnecessary red parry = bestest


In tournament I play more with distance, in casual I just go forward like a mad man. Also, dont take unnecessary risk like red-parry supers if is not necessary.

I got 5th

Out of how many?

11 llj;jknkhj;j stupid minimum

Honestly, nothing can be said more then what you can do. Don’t let the intensity annoy you during a match or beforehand, Just have a posotive instinct and what you are doing and how you are playing. Don’t be upset if you can’t pull off what you have practiced or what you know, you must be posotive, and not only have the coordination, visualize what you see yourself doing, and just let you’re techniques follow through. Don’t panic, and try not to procrastinate. Just do what you feel is right on your own judgement. If you find yourself messing up, or just not playing at you’re full capacity, just remember that this was your first tournament, their will be others and you will exceed if you keep a posotive outlook on anything.