Tournaments and sessions in Washington, Canada and Portland

This first post will be updated to reflect upcoming tournaments in the Pacific North West. Post up if there is an upcoming tournament you would like added to the list.


August 13th- Thursday Night Fights
USF4, MKX and Guilty Gear Xrd
@Gameclucks in Lynnwood, WA

August 15th - Battleground Monthly 3
Smash 4, Melee, PM, USF4, UMvC3,
MKX, tekken tag 2, Blazblu
@ Highline Community College in Des Moines, WA
Battleground 3

August 29 - Rose City Rumble 5
USF4 and Xrd
@ The Salvation Army Moore Street Corps & Community Center
5325 N Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon 97217
Rose City Rumble 5


Casuals and tournaments every Thursday at Gameclucks in Lynnwood, WA

Hey i might bw moving to seattle. How active is the scene, any known players?

We have a very active scene with a high skill level overall. It’s hard to determine which players are “well-known” but I know for sure we have at least 5 or 6 players in each fighting game that can compete at the highest tournament level. Let me know when you move to Seattle and I’ll PM you the tournament event pages so you can check out the scene.

Is there anything going on at Gameclucks tomorrow? And I have a PS3, not a 360, does GC have 360 sticks that I could use?

Last week was a casual night but we should be running a tournament at Gameclucks this Thursday. They have extra arcade sticks for the 360 you can use.

Here’s the event page:
Thursday Night Fights

Seattle has zero fighting game scene. Ive asked time n time again and get invited to some meet in Olympia, to get approval to a arcade garage. Who wants 2 throw some casuals in King Co that actually knows how to play?

axor you’re talking about rcaido?

LOL yo ax0r when is the last time you came to a session or a tournament in Seattle? Both North and South of Seattle has strong players and host large tournaments. We definitely have a scene. However, I cant speak for Olympia as I haven’t heard anything from their scene in a while.

Seattle has a shit ton of people for fighting games, rofl.

Have you heard of NWMs?

I havnt checked the FB because i dont have one, i guess alot of communities use it now over SRK ?? I never meant to say that Seattle had no skill, but on SRK it seems like the community is dead. I dont know who RCaido is i guess the dude that runs the spot in Olympia? Not dissing the man in any way, just simply not down to drive to Olympia and run that mission.

Can you guys PM me, or reach me on IG to see how I can get in on some games.

i play A3, ST, 3S, I can throw down in CVS2 and 4 as well. used to play alot in South FL

I recently just moved up here. Looking for locals to play UMvC3 and USF4. Hit me up

The next Portland event.

Also, the majority of scenes around America use Facebook or twitter instead of SRK or any of those other sites.

The sad truth is that a lot of people have moved away from using SRK for FGC organizing. I wish everyone would try to keep the forums going but what can you do. Yugo posted links to all the relevant NW FGC pages on Facebook so that’s a good start for anyone interested in trying to attend events or attend sessions.

My biggest recommendation for anyone trying to get involved in the FGC is attend monthly events like Portland’s Rose City Rumble, Vancouver’s Vancouver Street Battle or Washington’s Battleground monthlies. All of the best players from those areas will be in attendance, and it’ll give you a chance to get to know everyone and practice your fighting game of choice.

rcaido is me…My main game is SF2 HDRemix but i play ST too. This is my garage arcade & has all the good fighters a.k.a. games made before 2003. No one plays it though & mostly play anime fighters & SF4.

This is more for very casual & hangout with the Olympia/LaceyThurston County FGC. If you want to go to a business location, there is also Gamestar weekly. They have them on Thursday & now Tuesday. You bring your setup & play…Best thing is its free & lot more room. Just ask for Chad.

Not true. I play fighters from before 2003 :wink:

Also, check this out:

Round One South Center Mall
2351 South Center Mall
Tukwila, WA 98188

Tekken 7 arcade machine will be there!!!

Oh shit! It’s already in!!!

Tekken7 logo
Limited Time at Round 1!
★ Tekken 7 (Now in Store)
Puente Hills Mall, CA
Stratford Square Mall, CA
Southcenter Mall, WA

Someone deleted the last few posts in this thread and other threads in the Northwest forum…

The first post has been updated with current tournament information. See you guys at the next monthly!

Thanks for updating it with my tournament! /cry