Tournaments and events section

I find it really hard to navigate this section. When I look for an event, my eyes only need to scan for a 3-5 attributes - location (city, state), date, games, platform, entry fee.

There’s already a good attempt at standardizing the thread titles, but we should come up with specific fields for posting a tournament/event thread and have them populated in the thread title. Or have the forum parse the first post for variables (or fields - similar to the tag field) so it’s something like
!Game:SSF4, MK9, BB

Sometimes people omit key information from the above mentioned 4 points. Sometimes there’s stuff in the title that has nothing to do with the tournament so I end up clicking on a thread and the tournament is in New Jersey for Primal Rage on SNES-I’m exaggerating but you’ve all experienced this.

It would also help if there were just sub-sections for regions, or something like US-West and US-East. I know the matchmaking forums has sub-forums for regions and I could understand how hectic it would be to manage the same number of sub-forums for tournaments, but maybe just split it up into 2 regions. If it’s not in the interest to do this, it would be appreciated it someone enforced the standardization of thread titles more actively.


Date, City and State are standardized with the new event system.

That works for the upcoming events, but in that section few comments: the date/location text is too small, I can’t filter by ZIP code (or distance e.g 20 miles) and can only see the next 3 days. It would be nice if you could do 7 days so you know what’s coming up for the week.

The rest of the threads aren’t standardized (yet? as people post new events?)

The system I wrote CAN handle multiple event forums, split up by region… if MrWiz choose to do so. I doubt he will though as the way it works now seems to be what people are used to.

I didn’t know about that events calendar. For the longest time I was manually putting stuff into my gmail calendar, but this is great. However, I wish you had fields for the entry cost or system it’s played on.

Tournaments have varying entry costs. In fact, some events have multiple entry costs, because they have multiple games… on multiple systems.

Please consider adding a drop down menu for the tournaments and events visual calendar you linked earlier to the main page similar to how the Forums drop down works. Here is a mockup. The reason I suggest this is that there is no obvious link to the visual calendar after clicking the Tournaments and Events link, so adding a drop down to the visual calendar would be helpful, or adding an obvious link on the tournaments and events page.


Now looking at his post, it does seem confusing how the main page has a completely different layout from the forum page. Any plans on having some consistency between the two pages?

I dont really have anything to do with the design of the wordpress suite. I did write a portal for XenForo (which I use at, but SRK is using wordpress instead; which is why there is a different and split experience from the forum.

Whenever I try to post a new tournament thread I keep getting the same error message:



I’m entering all the information correctly except for the stream url(still waiting for confirmation). What am I missing or is this a bug?

The title of your stream is far too long.

In the stream URL field I would either leave blank or “TBD”. Both would lead to the same error message.

EDIT: Just checked the events page. The event has been put on the calendar but a thread in the tournament and events forum wasn’t made. The post a thread in the tournament and events forum box was checked. So I’m completely confused on what’s going on.