Tournament Venue NYC - Bronx

I have a serious venue in NYC to put on tournaments if anyone is interested please let me know. If we can guarantee a turnout of about 12 to 20 heads then we can no doubt have them happen on a regular basis.
It’s literally a gamer’s lounge at night and during the day it’s a QA/Game testing center that I work for. So far we’ve held a couple tournaments for Super and Ultra sf4 as well as UMVC.

I’d really like to see KOF and a lot more variety in the fighters we play there but we have to make sure the games have a good following and I have to guarantee that a decent amount of people will show up.

We have 8 32 inch VIZIO E320-A1 32-inch 720p 60Hz monitors, consoles, air conditioning, and great space.
Who would be interested in coming out to local tourneys/lab sessions?

hey is this plave

hey is this place still available?

Yeah We’re still here

ok check your PM i sent you a msg there