Tournament Standard Monitors?


I was wondering, is there a current list of tournament standard monitors and all their specs? According to my search of the forums, the Evo standard was the Asus VH236H but I haven’t been able to verify if that is current, the post was from over a year ago. I don’t know if the title matters, but specifically I am referring to monitors for UMvC3 tournament match play.

Thank you!

Nothing has changed that I’m aware of.

I also ask because the Asus VH236H is no longer for sale on NewEgg, whereas the Asus VH238H is; this seems to be a newer model in the series. The price for this monitor is $157.99 + $20 rebate for a new one, whereas the VH236H is $179.99 for a used one on Amazon. Since the monitor isn’t even for sale new anymore, and it still costs more to purchase used elsewhere, I was under the impression it was maybe discontinued or replaced.