Tournament Posting FAQ aka How to get maximum visibility on your thread

Hi everyone, your friendly neighborhood mod with some tips and guidelines on how to list your tournament so you can reach your target audience

  1. Yes I know your tournament has a super cool name, but what gets people to click on your thread is more likely is that they see its near them(if your event is online specify XBL or PSN) in the format below

[Tournament Name] [Date] [City&state] [Games if you got space or pot bonus announcement]

Example of good vs bad

  1. Awesome your tournament post now has all the pertinent information to get someone who is looking for something in their area attention! How about a brief introduction?

Hey this XXX tournament series, we are coming to XYZ venue to bring you a great day of fun and games. If you are new or haven’t heard of us check out our Facebook/Youtube/Twitter etc

Something like that, doesn’t have to be that but think of it like introducing yourself to someone you have never met before

  1. Sweet! They’ve clicked your thread, they read your introduction and are now super interested! Let’s give them the information they need to be able to attend your event and be prepared for it

When Date and time
Where Venue address
Event Fees Venue prices and the cost to enter per game. If you have a pre registration link, this would be a good time to post it
Games What games are you running?
Schedule When is registration? When is XYZ game running? When do you expect this to end?
Stream Not mandatory but if you have one post it up! Lets them check out your previous stuff and maybe get a new follower/subscriber
Facebook Link If you are not also creating your event on Facebook you are *&^!$%^& UP!!! Plain and simple, go create one and link it back to the thread post.
Additional Info Do you need people to bring setups? Are you running a raffle or a giveaway? Have a cool website you would like to list? Now is the time to do so

  1. Good job! Remember the key aspect to growing a tournament is making sure it runs properly. I will be writing up a tournament F.A.Q soon