Tournament Pad Question

Are Wireless Controllers with the chargable battery pack allowed in tournament?

or should I just buy a wired pad

I was under the Impression Evo was going to be PS3 again this year.

Any wireless controller for PS3 that is not by sony likely uses a bluetooth dongle. Wireless pads that use bluetooth dongles that plug into the USB port are okay. They don’t sync to the console, so they okay for Evo play.

EVO is on PS3.

And if you’re going to a tournament thats not Evo, always buy a wired pad. 360 wireless pads are an even bigger nightmare to deal with in tournament.

In most tournaments, Wireless sticks and pads are generally not allowed unless they use a dongle or they already belong to the house/ tournament.
Evo is excursively PS3 as Sony is one of there sponsors and gave the the consoles. Evo is also a Bring-your-own-controller Event.

Always use a wired controller at a tournament.

It’s just good form.